Is it time for Miner III?

The current yield gap between a barge and the king of asteroid anomalies aka Rorqual is staggering.Unless I am mistaken the first t2 bpo to come into player hands was the Miner II,it would only be fitting that the first tech 3 module(s) be the same.
Stats ofc would have to be debated and decided by the devs and possibly extra specialization skill and the end result could be as humble as few extra % increase in yield .

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Like the idea in the part of new modules for miners.

But from the industrialists point of view tech III technology for modules (it’s not about current tech III technology for ships) could harm existing system of industry.

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it will increase mineral inflation
which will mean cheaper minerals and lower prodction costs for industrialists
so cheaper ships and modules for everyone
doesnt really help miners much though
it only increases their yield while lowering the value of the yield


Shouldn’t the gap between a barge and a capital be staggering?


If this was a problem, we’d nerf the rorq again rather than buff barges.


What I think miners don’t realize is that mining income is based on the total of minerals EVERYONE mines. It also works out to be Mining Income = Ratting Income - Laziness Factor. If mining income were to go up across the board, it would attract more people to mining, increasing overall mineral production, driving down mineral prices, until it settles back down to exactly where it was at before. There is only enough mineral demand for a finite number of miners.

With that in mind, for every Rorqual in the field, it drives out at least 3 other max output miners (since most people don’t max out their mining output, it means probably more than that are driven out). Maybe those 3+ that are getting kicked out are less valuable customers, so maybe that’s an acceptable business loss. The rorqual imbalance shows exactly how much CCP values certain people more than others, that they want specific parties to win EVE.

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The mining boosters as opposed to the barges take different path in skills this is meant as a small buff to the players who invested in barges it’s not a contest between rorqual and hulk

People who invest in barges don’t need a buff. Or why do you think they do?

Why do they not require a buff even small,are you seeing hordes of barges carving up belts everywhere?I don’t not anymore.

i think it might be better if rorquals were specialised in mining a certain mineral required for supers
so they dont interfere with lower end mining structure
like maybe if all supercaps needed a specialised mineral type that rorqs had a role bonus acquisition
and then separate the overlap between rorqs and barges


1- burden is on you to show the need for a change.

2- are you suggesting hardly anyone is mining anymore? Or are you suggesting all our minerals come from rorqs and frigates? Are you for ■■■■■■■ real?

3- yes goto teonusude. Everyday is barge day in teonusude.

Mixed feelings about that. Mostly, that would just result in a situation where you only get supers if you already have supers. That’s exactly the kind of thing CCP already likes to do, and it makes a far too stagnant game. On the other hand, you’re right, it would free up some space in the market for normal miners.

I’m pretty sure, once upon a time, I was the only barge in teon. And I’d strip out the whole system solo. I haven’t lived there in a long long time so I couldn’t say what changed since.

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If you can’t make money as a miner, you apparently have two options.

  1. Mine more efficiently.
  2. Come to forums to whine for mining to be buffed.

you mean you can only build supers if you already have rorqs
well there are ways around it by letting barges farm the same mats just without the role bonuses rorqs get
barges and rorqs can farm all mats
but barges get bonuses to low end mats while rorqs get bonuses to high end mats
i dont mine or industry so its just a suggestion but it seems like balance to me

by low end mats i mean basic building materials like veldspar
and by high end mats i mean a rare mat that rorqs are specialised in finding
and 5 barges can find it at the same rate as a single rorq

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That’s more a factor of CCP breaking progression in this game all to pieces with injectors, don’t you think?

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Is there anyone out there deploying rorqs without a super umbrella to keep them alive?

Check out zkill. You may need to scroll a few pages though because Money Badger War II is happening right now.

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thats why i say nerf them on base mats so barges can excel in that area

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Like I said, mixed feelings. It would probably solve more problems than it causes, though. It’s probably a good idea. Not OP being a good idea, of course, that wouldn’t do any good for anyone, but making rorq’s main role be for building supers.

edit: for the rorqual -> supercaps idea, I’d make the supercap ore drop mostly in lowsec. Nullbears would then either have to travel around, or import the stuff to meet production needs. It would make rorqs vulnerable like they should be by being closer to high traffic highsec. Supercap production should be niche, making it vulnerable to disruption by anybody who wants to try would help cut proliferation. But this would never happen. Nullbear lobbyists, CCP corruption, all that good garbage.


Pretty much of CCP way of doing business when fleet boosting command ship does mine better than any mining designated ships all together.

1 excavator drone costs like all 3 exhumers hulls.

Rorq was so broken and we fired up so many moans to change it but instead of make some nice things about it they just stick it with freaking 5 excavators :roll_eyes::lying_face: