Is it time for Miner III?

And the mining Orca for highsec.

what in the world do you mean by base mats?

The only mineral you cant find in rocks in highsec is megacyte…

Other than that all the rocks in nullsec have some combination of the minerals in game.

nah thats not how things work
they will allway move en masse if the need to

ok sorrry i hurt your feeling
like i sad im not an industrialist


The sad thing is that this new forums won’t allow anything less that senseless babbling so you reach the minimum babble limit.
I wanted to say no so many times but I had to write essays instead.

Too bad you can’t even say NO, since now its not less than 5 characters per post :lying_face:

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Just link that Wikipedia article. It’s meets the minimum post size handedly.

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That is deflation when prices go down…although to the extent that inflation and deflation are monetary phenomena, it is really due to an increase in productivity.

Depends on the elasticity. If the price falls by less than the increase in output, then no, it does help miners. If it falls by an amount equal to the increase in productivity, then no benefit, and if price falls by a larger amount it will hurt miners.

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i wasnt talking about money i was talking about minerals

I mine, and I personally don’t think tech III lasers are not an answer, Rorqual’s are cap ships, barges are puny in comparison, as far a the amount we currently mine in high, I also think it’s where it needs to be because the roids go quickly, I was belt mining and 2 other newish players were in the belt, I left because I had chewed through half the belt in no time with a venture and a porpoise, if I had not stopped those guys wouldn’t have any roids for them, of course it was a 0.9 belt but still.

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The price going down is not inflation. Unless you are are referring to quantity inflation which is kind of odd phrasing…

Honestly the easier solution is one that SHOULD happen because it is needed, the rorqual needs another big bash in the face nerf.

What should happen: rorqual mines equal to 1 fully boosted, fully implanted hulk pilot and once again becomes a booster vessel not a mainline mining ship (your corp or alliance should cover the losses of the rorqual; if any, unless your corp or alliance is one you should leave).

But, this will not happen because CCP kisses nullsec’s *** at every possible chance because it is CCPs firm belief that everyone should abandon all other areas of game play and join nullsec whether that particular player actually wants to play in nullsec or not.

CCP Motto: Proudly shoving nullsec down player’s throats since game launch !!

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I’m in support of a new mining module that out mines the current ones, but only if it supports non afk/multiboxing gameplay. A fleet of organized players should be able to mine more than one guy multiboxing.

No, Rorqs just need to be nerfed.


Most definitely a Mining Barge III needs to be developed.

A mining barge that is able to deploy up to three Heavy II Drones with a reduced mining bay, one high slot, three mids and two lows with two rig slots would fit the role in between the barges and Porpoise.

It would be a heavy shield tank coming in at 35% resistances across the board with an overall EHP base of 15,000 points.

Please confine your bad ideas to your own threads. I almost took the time to formulate a response, thinking this was a legitimate suggestion.

Fortunately, I saw the name in the reply window before putting any real effort into a post.

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Why ISD not take action toward this? Such a posts break forume rules and not accord to normal human relations so should be removed and user banned.

No it is not time for a Miner III.

What it might be time for is;

A simplified mining crystal set option.

Increased range at a higher capacitor use.

An accessible middle-meta option for mining strips and mining upgrades.

Revamp Resource Wars reward system with actual mining modules.

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im sure they will let us have it and better mining if we agree to have the tank ehp of a frigate and the radius of a freighter and cost of a capital so gankers cant possibly mess an attack up.