New mining BS class

I’m still at a loss to know why we need Mining Battleships, especially when we’ve already got T2 Exhumers like the hulk for very cheap (around 250m) that already mine a significant amount before and after boosts.

In addition, I don’t believe we need stronger ships that have even more tank than the Skiff does. Mining in EVE is already too rampant, especially with the huge number of Rorquals out in nullsec. Introducing a Mining Battleship that has better tank that a Skiff means that we’ll just see more problems with even more mining taking place in nullsec due to the increased mining capabilities of these Mining Battleships.

-1, terrible idea that’ll only serve to make current problems with rampant mining even worse.

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post some designs i have a couple of ideas

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For a long time my Corp have had this dream…

I have cooked up a “Drone Miner” (DM) and a Megaminer (MM), I’d like to develop further with you. If we have two or three finished designs of each, it might be easier to present.

I wrote a Google Doca week back or so on both to share and here is a bit:
Both ships at their fastest mining.
The DM is a Gen2 of either Noctis or Porpoise (vexor and obelisk as qualities).
(If Porpoise) Fleethangar removed "to give room for more electronics, bandwidth, a slightly larger DroneBay and such.
DM may launch 1 Fighter or up to 15 various drones. 3 ordinary Ice Harvester II’s or 2 Modulated.
DM can’t boost, but receive (Mining Foreman Boost Yield should apply to drones as well !!!)

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MM is like ORE’s “Titan”, - though only the size of a Battleship. Able to mine everything.
It is a “repurposed old Battleship” or something new. I was thinking of the head of the mushroom. Mordus’ “Barghest” is another possibility.
8 mining heads. If defense 5 light drones/two missiles or rockets or Hardpoints.
Low or No Cargohold and low orehold.

The alternate might be even cooler: Repurposed SOE’s “Nestor” or Triglivian’s “Leshak” with only one single miner…
Yes, one ! But It’s a build-in “Doomsday weapon”:
A giant beam emitted somewhat like Gallente’s Erebus will go on for three minutes (Mining Foreman burst, boosters and full skills) harvesting… 10 Ice…
3s cooldown between each run.
When harvesting for new type (Ice/ore (different types?)), should the weapon be reconfigured with a drone/on base/ship maintenance bay or is it different types of charges? Maybe the Canon don’t care about any, it takes EVERYTHING?!?

The small Cargo hold (space for 3-4 runs), may be emptied:

  1. On base 2. Jettisoned 3. Fleet Hangar
  2. It’s own “Storage Link”. Won’t work on BR’s, because the can’t be scanned = “Storage Link” can’t penetrate hull.
    From up to 10km without “Mining foreman range boost” MM may link a container/transporter/Porpoise/Orca/Rorqual’s storage to MM’s own. Range and storage type Penalties applies to transfer speed from MM’s orehold to Linked storage.
    The Canon/miners/harvesters is/are the transfermodule(s) and the transfer could be done one of these ways:
    A. After each cycle, miners/canon automatically has to be emptied in target Storage. “Shoots” harvested/mined ice/ore into target storage. B. Manually emptying the cargo hold by “shooting” at the Target. C. It could have a build-in “Glass sphere” or small turrets to be the transfer-module.
    C1. Continuously: When harvested, it is transferred. C2: As “A” using transfermodule. C3: As “B” using transfermodule.

So how to balance both?

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I look forward to ANY comment on both.

Let’s build new ORE ships together ! Let’s Expand the faction !

EDIT: I have started a new thread named “O.R.E. Faction Development”
Please join and let have all our ideas collected.

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