Please nerf the Rorquals, they dig too much and too fast

I myself dig in the Rorq and I know what I’m talking about, people like me have created a situation due to which the CCP introduced the era of scarcity. We, the miners on the rorqs, weren’t nerfed enough. I believe that the industrial core bonuses should be reduced for the Rorqs, and the extraction of the excavators themselves should be reduced.
Thank you for the attention and sorry for the mistakes.

They delved too greedily and too deep.


Small Balrog in every third asteroid?


They did say they wanted some kind of consequence for mining too mich didn’t they.

You mine that much yet have not lost a mining ship in 5 years. Kill mail shows alot of PVP kills/losses not much mine related… Nice try

Its not hard if you dont suck.

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The only solution is to delete excavator drones, panic modules or both.
But CCP never do that since only null blocs and their bears are customers Hilmar care about.

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