Fix Rorquals Please!

about the only change I’d like to see for Rorqs is to shorten the cycle time for the T2 Indy Core.

Not entirely, you can make sooper doopers in 15 days. Get one now, you know you want to. Everyone needs a sooper dooper, so you can bot-farm easier.

One of my corp mates mines with 2 multiboxed Rorquals + Excavators, providing boost to alliance interested people (we are a small alliance, 400 people and maybe 20-25% of that online at peaks). But he mines in the end system of the pocket, and if intel reports that an enemy is nearby the pocket entrance, he goes out of industrial mode and aligns to fortizar/POS. In the same system we are like 3-4 guys with supers and carriers docked while we are mining, so if anything comes up we can easily dock an reship. But 95% of the time, the enemies that enter pocket they don’t get to jump up to the last system :smiley:

But of course we keep an eye on signatures, rolling all dangerous WHs all the time.

The above suggestions are ridiculous. This game isn’t supposed to be played while watching netflix, and expect to make billions while AFKing . Regarding the cloaky stuff, that is broken as it is, if some ganker sits cloaked in your system there is no way to find him, and he can sit for weeks (been there) while you are not able to do anything about it.


I have never been in a large corp. Taking away the ability for me to fly rorqual without access to a fleet was unnecessary. Mining in a 5-man corporation is no longer feasible with a rorqual. Creating a PANIC button just makes it obvious their is disdain for industrial players. When they re-imagined carriers, they didn’t give it a one-time turtle defense. They didn’t downsize the triage ships. They need to put some of the Rorqual modules into other capital ships, like they did with carriers. The industrial core has enough of a penalty for mining, it should not have the same for hauling. The ability to compress should be available for capital haulers without the industrial core, especially since POSs are being deprecated. If you expect small corps to use porpoises, at least give them the ability to compress ore.

porpoise & orca that can compress ore :open_mouth: :heart_eyes:

I cant find stuff about panic when I google it.
Can anyone fill me in so I have a better grasp on the topic?

I don’t want a space coffin, expecially not now in the age of citadels. If I wanted a super or titan I’d have already bought them years ago.

/reading… /reading… there’s a necro
/reading… /reading… hey another necro…
/reading… /reading… wow, people sure love to necro.

This is a ■■■■ thread. It was from the start, it’s been shat on by virtually everyone to post in it, yet still it is getting raised from the grave. People are literally digging it up to ■■■■ on it.

Let it die, and let it stay dead.

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sounds like the problem lies with your groups incompetence

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Love to see one of the to get the mobile compression but I don’t see it happening anytime soon I think the porpoise will be a better option because of its meant to go into wormholes and they’re already getting a reduction in ore hold with the porpoise so they would either have to rebalance both ships to give them both compression or choose one of the other and I personally think the porpoise is a better option because of their ability to take into wormholes and I wouldn’t want to lose that ability that’s me

I do not see that kind of rebalance or rework happening anytime soon they’re too damn busy doing this whole Abyssal Dead Space which I’m not sure how’s this going to work out it looks interesting though fly safe 07

CCP Fozzie mentioned small Upwells at Fanfest. One could be a structure that cannot be docked at, requires fuel, and compresses ore. Like a small control tower with a compression array.

We are talk about adding compression to the porpoise or the Orca not an external device

and he’s giving an example of a much more balanced approach…

TBH compression is way to common now. be nice if it was exclusive to Tataras and rorqs

Eve is a game of risk you risk your ship each time you undock so if your flying one of these expensive ships you should 1. join a alliance that can defend itself or 2. deal with it because all of those have not been added for reasons

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I disagree with anything that would unnecessarily reduce the risk of undocking. This idea seems to me the result of a player wanting to play with less risk, which is not in the nature of the game.

I think everyone in here got trolled and fell for it.

Spank mehard
“I have been boosting / mining for over 10 years in eve and I love this game and I love my rorq. I trained cap industrial V for a reason”

  1. He knows full well his proposals will never happen.
  2. Aside from the original post he has responded to no one.
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I don’t know if anyone else is posting from my perspective. I didn’t read every post.

I am a Rorqual pilot. I mine with more alts than I’d like to admit. I’ve played for over 10 years. The changes to the Rorqual have significantly reduced my ability to mine, made it more difficult for me day to day, and my Rorqual has sat docked for several months at times. However, I am happy to say that these changes were, although not well received by me initially, now something I see as a positive thing for the community.

The changes CCP have made required me to get away from running a solo corp to attracting more people, to building a community, and have pushed me to try to join alliances. That’s awesome and it opens up a previously unexplored world for me.

I think everyone should be able to play the game the way they want, but you shouldn’t be able to do everything on your own. I am one example that shows how scaling should work with miners. I shouldn’t be able to keep an industry index in nullsec maxed out all by myself without some major risk, like losing my Rorqual and all of my miners. It’s still fun. I like to take the Rorqual out and feel like I am required to coordinate with more than just myself to be secure.

It’s more entertaining for me now and there’s a greater rush when that scary roaming fleet comes in that could wipe everything you’ve worked for off the grid in a few minutes. It sucks if it happens but without the risk there’s literally no point to playing.

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11b for the fit and drones if you do it right.

Your response is spot on for ‘The Community’. The Miners literally took a bunch of hits for ‘The Community’ on this one though.

Had this been paired with the return of signature ore fields these changes would really make total sense. Imagine for a moment having to first scan your target down before you can attack it. Instead [with minor exception] miners get served up on a default warp in platter just about everywhere they mine. System, Anom, Ore, Ice and Gas fields all have default warp ins we miners do our best to keep distance from. The only real exception is HiSec / LoSec security missions with ore fields. You can mine all the Veldspar and Scordite you want until you see Combat Probes.

For a brief moment in time we got some respite with the advent of the Tatara. You could boost from within the 0 / tether range. It was possible to simply tank damage then dock upon deploy mode exit. With the recent Structure nerf that option is problematic at best.

im sorry but this just doesn’t work,
Eve is a game of risk=isk. if you don’t like how dangerous it is to use a rorqual then fine, dont use it. but that doesn’t mean the devs should change the rorquals in any way.