Rorqual Changes

The reason rorquals are not really nerfed is because they are owned by many people and if they get nerfed these industrialists’ skill points will also get nerfed. I propose a way.

  1. The rorqual will no longer be able to mine.
  2. Mining equipment could be overheated to mine twice as fast.
  3. The rorqual will no longer have an invulnerability module.
  4. The rorqual will be able to fit t3 mining command boosts, they will have the charges as following:
    -regular mining boost, stacks with t2 mining boost
    -decrease overheat damage of mining equipment by a significant amount (could now overheat for 10 minutes, then repair for half a minute)
    -allow a module that is equipped on the high slot to be online, which makes the equipped ship invulnerable (this one lasts for 30 seconds and the module offlines after the boost offs). These modules also need adequate capacitor to activate.

Why? First, the invulnerability module is no longer on the rorqual, meaning people mining under a rorqual can no longer afk safely. It needs a high slot, which could be spared on a frigate but not an exhumer or mining barge, meaning those bigger mining ships would need to take away one mining laser for the invulnerability or forego it. Note that if they take away one mining laser it doesn’t hurt much of their productivity as they have the 2x mining speed of overheating. The mining frigates do not suffer these penalties. The bigger mining ships can also forego invulnerability for twice the regular mining yield. Since the invulnerability needs capacitor to both online and activate, it leaves ships with a vulnerability window when their cap recharges (unless logi go with them and cap them).

Second, the secondary mining boost is useful for a fleet and the rorqual would be good enough to boost a fleet, keeping it’s importance but making it more useful mining in fleets than solo. It also opens up the possibility of an entire fleet mining overheated for twice the mining yield, much more than what it could have scooped up itself.

Yeah. I hope people will use or develop on this idea.

I am inclined to believe this is a troll post.

We need a T3 rorqual that can switch between command boosts, NPC ratting, and mining with the click of a button. Or maybe a Triglavian one that uses a spool-up entropic miner.

Lol, this is actually serious. Forgive me if it’s a very very very bad idea.

  1. Rorqual not being able to mine: I’m actually not opposed to this, but Rorqual owners would respond with a wrath greater than 10,000 Avatars. Better to continue nerfing them over time to the point where people forget they were once relatively formidable mining vessels to begin with
  2. Overheated mining equipment? This is unnecessary… and… :grimacing:
  3. Removing PANIC from Rorqual… Rorq is a mothership and one incapable of defending itself via combat, so I actually think it’s fine, especially given the severe penalties imposed by PANIC
  4. :door::running_man::point_left: GTFO on T3 Command Bursts

Is there a backstory behind this?

I kind of like that idea. Shorter cycles so it spins up in 5 or so minutes instead of like 15 or 20 but it uses more cap each cycle too. It would have its uses on large m3 rocks and might even require cap support or fitting for cap regen instead of tank or mining yield.

It’s certainly better than OPs idea.

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