New type of Industrial Core

I would love to see a new Industrial core for Rorquals to allow for variation is play styles. Main points would be,

  • No ability to use mining drones of any type
  • Allows Compression and Boosting
  • Reduced siege cycle, one to two minutes or less

This would be aimed at non power block groups that just want the boosting/compression that don’t mind losing mining function. Also allows the Rorq to be used as originally intended without the prolonged risk of the long siege timer. Even if fuel consumption was greater or boost quality was reduced slightly it would allow for some different gameplay.


This would be a good idea if there were 2 or more variations of an indy core

the first one would be the one listed, with really good boosts, which CAN fit a panic

the second one can fit Excavs, can’t boost, can’t compress, and Can’t panic.

This would best be a change on it’s own, command ships were never supposed to be solo mining ships.


This is wrong. CCP decided to make a command ship the most powerfull mining ship, so it was clearly intended.

Person who has not read the latest changes…

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