Industrial Command Ship Improvements

Remove Ore Compression as a ship ability of the Rorquals and make it a fitting/modification that can be fitted on this type of ship.

There are three ships this would apply to:


There is no need to change any hulls, cargo space, ore space or fleet hangar space.

It could be called an Industrial Compressor and fit in a mid slot on one of the above ships.

Example skills that could be used for this ship equipment could be as follows:

Porpoise  	Mining Foreman		        5
		        Industrial Command Ships	1
		        Mining Director 		        1
		        Leadership			        3
		        Science			                5
		        Spaceship Command		5
		       Industry			                3

Orca 		Mining Foreman		        5
		        Industrial Command Ships	2
		       Mining Director 		        3
		       Leadership			        3
		       Science			                5
		       Spaceship Command		5
		       Industry			                4

Rorqual 	       Mining Foreman		        5
		       Industrial Command Ships	3
		       Mining Director 		        4
		       Leadership			        4
		       Science			                5
		       Spaceship Command		5
		       Industry			                5

The above skills and suggestion add to the game by operating within normal in-game parameters as well as providing a selection / difference of fittings for industry people.

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1.) Why? why is this needed? what niche does it fill?

2.) The module has to be banned from Empire space, easiest way to cover highsec.

I think the rorqual should have it as default, like it already does, as a quirk or something, but I agree it could be made into a module for the Orca and the Porpoise, with the use banned in Empire space, to maintain the security status-quo.

You’re usually in range of a station with a reprocessing service module to compress anyways when using the Orca and the Porpoise, but I believe such a module could provide a bit more autonomy for them, I like it.


Why not? Why isnt it needed? What niche does it need to fill? Why ban it in empire space?

I see the empire space ban as just maintaining the current status-quo, because the rorqual can’t enter hi-sec and stuff, I guess.

Onus is on you to explain the proposal and why it should happen.

Compression is a powerful thing. Shouldn’t be taken lightly and shouldn’t be added to every damn thing we can think of.

Consider that ore holds are limited by design.

Incorrect, but showing a great example of the False Dichotomy argument. if people need every last thing on here broken down to it’s most basic component(s) then either they are in the wrong place or I am.

As this was advertised as the place to post ideas and I have done that…it is not I who is in the wrong place.

There will always be items posted that not everyone understands all the ins and outs of and maybe…just maybe…people will go out and find out a little bit more what they don’t know.
If not, then they should be extremely happy in their bliss of not knowing.

It’s also advertised as the place to discuss ideas, not to simply make requests.


Except what you’ve done is say
’i want this, just cause’…


OP understands that it actually isnt a function of the ship, but of the industrial core module, yes? The rorqual is merely the platform to use the module on.

How about you stopping posting? If you cannot discuss ideas and get over criticism, do not post here and go away.

I really want to see you on Reddit…

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Really? Did you just threaten me outside of the game?

Threaten… ok


Started reading discussion. Realized OP is just making petulant childish demands without justification or discussion. Like many ideas in this section of the forums, the idea is ruined by the person posting it.


Im sorry,

For a 2009 old character to be too stupid to know the answers of what you asked…

nevermind here is a quote a friend of mine once used a lot, i think applies to you…

“If you’re very very stupid? How can you possibly realize you’re very very stupid?

You have to be relatively intelligent to realize how stupid you really are!”

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