Mobile Compression Units

So it would be nice to have a unit similar to the MTU that could compress ore and ice. Ideas to keep it balanced would be to only be usable in Null Sec and WH Space to avoid messing to heavily with the compressed HS market. Perhaps it could be also made to require a small amount of fuel and share the same lifespan when deployed as the MTU does. In short this would be a minor addition that while not really that game effecting would be a convenient addition to a players arsenal.

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Yeah, no.

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There’s already a mobile compression unit useable in null and WH space. It’s called a Rorqual…

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But does it compress moon ore? :slight_smile:

use a refinery for that, its how ccp intended them to be compressed.


Valid point.

But we are spit balling here.

It would also be nice to have a can with 1m3 volume and 1,000,000m3 space

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Clown can…

I can think of some shenanigans with that. >:)

Like assembling a can around your stationary ship.

I’ll let your imagination have fun. >:)

Some way to compress in space would be great, though a deployable unit might not be the best way to go about it. Leaving the rorq aside for the moment the best way IMO would be for the Orca to get some kind of module that lets it do this. Whether that is done by allowing the Orca to use the Industrial Core or by way of a custom module is another matter.

Why even bother with ore m3 then?

If you can compress it straight away to stay in the belt longer, why not just make mining lasers extract already compressed ore?

Compression is far too powerful a tool to put in a deployable or an orca. Otherwise everyone would do it.

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Isn’t that exactly why the Rorqual is king?

Why not just have a mobile reprocessing ship?

why not just mine minerals?

Industrials are not actually capable of doing industrial work.

…Let’s fix that. :slight_smile:

Outside of the fact that the majority of things can’t be made in space with small factories?
Assuming you make a blueprint copy (lets go with an Atron) at max speed an industrial ship would take at least an hour to build and you would not be able to do anything except sit while it builds. It also can’t be efficient as an npc station and would result in cost being equal to just building in a station.

Upwell structures are the solution.

Unless you make it so that only smaller things can be built in ships.

Like cap boosters, crystals, ammo, etc.

Unnecessary imo. And there are so many public refineries already.

Or this could be a small structure like Fozzie mentioned at fanfest. Can’t dock, takes fuel, and refines. Faster setup/takedown, like the small tower and compression array I used to use.

That could work. :slight_smile: