Mobile Compression Units

So… a pos?

Think, small on site reprocessing [reprocessing for loot from wrecks and rats] out post and large mobile depot all in one.
Maybe you could dock in a pod or frig only to access controls.

Swap out the reprocessing for refining for forward mineral transport and not having to build a whole full EC/cit whatever.
Or swap out reprocessing for a larger hanger bay and use it as a small forward outpost for assualts.
Something to that effect.

god damn it man play the game. you just described a small POS

POS’s are being removed eventually.

Best get started on replacements.

yes and we have aths and ritars

rather than just removing something and replacing it with itself

The difference being that a Medium structure takes 24hrs to anchor, not very effective for short term ops. The old small POS took less than an hour to setup.

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