Mobile Compression

A mobile compression deployable like the mobile depos… what do you guys think?

I say something similar a while back pretty much got shot down but here’s what I had in mind Personal structures

It’s been discussed, as has allowing the Orca to fit an industrial core so it could compress ore/ice like the Rorqual. Right now, there is no need - minerals are plentiful and cheap.

The Economist self right now I’m pretty much in the tank when it comes to Mining and minerals So I have to agree with you on this one right now they’re not going to do anything like that because they don’t have the need or want to

For now we have still access to the small POS + compression array combo. It still works and I use it from time to time.

The scenario that works for me is to go in NS or LS with a cloaky hauler, find a quiet system with a small ore anom at least, drop the pos on a empty moon (they all have been pretty much deserted by now). Wait 7 minutes, put 3-4 hours of fuel and a bit of strontium, anchor and online a compression array and a ship hanger, put the transport in and get an endurance out and go mine and compress until you have enough to fill up the cloaky hauler and make trip back to HS.

Once you’re done repackage everything and gtfo.

At fanfest a small size structure was presented to replace that type of small POS, no idea when it’s gonna come though, it won’t have a bubble and won’t allow docking, but will be cheap to replace, and quick to use and blowup. Close to a mobile depot but bigger so you still need a hauling ship to move it, with similar reinforcing stats and a need of fuel block to have it running.

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