Moble depot, mobile compression

Yes this topic again, I really think with moon mining addition that mobile compression should be a thing, there are still refineries that moon mine but have no reprocessing facilities, an example of this can be found in HEK, so maybe this;

Mobile depot compression uses 1 fuel block per activation, and run time 1 hour on a single block, if scooped before the hour the remaining time is voided.

Depot takes up 5000 m3 of space, meaning it fits in the porpoise’s fleet hold, and compression has 5000 m3 of space for ore, useable by fleet members if set.

And maybe have the Masimos have a 5000 m3 compartment to also allow it to be a support vessel.


Rorqual has your mobile compression. If you’re in hisec, you’ll have to putz around to a system that offers reprocessing in a station.

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I still bring my POS if nothing else, and use the compression array, but that’s going away, problem is station owners (nor should they), if they choose not to have reprocessing facilities because it uses fuel, I’m cool with it but kinda defeats the purpose of upwell structures such as refineries if they don’t offer it.

Then put up your own

I’m too space poor.

I like it. This would be useful when ganking miners, currently we are leaving the ore behind, if we could compress it on the grid or even better, if they had it already compressed in cargo we could loot even that hehe…

My structure browser shows 64 public Upwell structures with a reprocessing plant in Metropolis - including 4 in Hek. 3 of them are in Lowsec but that still leaves a pretty good selection!

High Sec should have the ability to make more ISK from Compressed Ores and Ice.

But what about Gas Pockets in Null, should there be a Mobile Compression Depot for that gas miners as well?

To be honest I wish CCP would remove ALL T-2, T-3, faction, etc, and only have T-1 products and no variation, this way everyone has the same things and nobody is better than anyone else, then everyone can be happy as we are all miserably flat because hey we must all be uniform.

Nah, you just need to find the right spot in Null and farm it for a few days and you will be fine.

I don’t like dull, it’s boring because of always having to watch for others who are tigger happy, for myself I have interest in other activities besides watching for probes, local chat, unexpected visitors, some enjoy having someone intent on groping them and vice versa, me, don’t really like being felt up by creepy pasta fingers.

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