Mobile Ore Compression Depot

With the changes in ore distribution players from all areas will want to venture into other regions and areas in which to mine. For example a high sec group into low, null or jspace, or a Null group wanting to day trip into a WH in order to collect ores.

Ore is bulky, and a Mobile Ore Compression Device could be the answer that small groups need to facilitate operations out side of their main area.

Acting in a smiliar way to a mobile depot. You would deploy the device into space and it would take a some time to Anchor. Then people could drop there ore into it and compress it so it need to be able to be used by a fleet maybe using the fleet hanger options liek you see of DSTs etc.

You could have certain stipulations like the device being over a certain m3 so that not all ships can carry it.

If attacked it would have a 2 day timer like the current mobile depots, but you could repair the device using Logi (meaning people would need to bring additional ships along to maintain the device.

Compressing as well as in a refinery may be too much, so perhaps the module would only compress at say 30% or 50% of the amount a refinery would do so it wouldnt bee so OP.

If only dedicated mining and mining command ships had massive bays dedicated specifically for hauling ore…

If you’re having issues with the volume of ore you’re mining, you’re either running an inefficient operation or you’re trying to bite off more than you can chew.



If you are a high sec dweller then there is nothing like getting your Rorq out and into the WH that has sprung up in system isnt there? /sarcasm

It is for giving other options apart from having mining capitals ships that cannot be used in all areas

You have options.

Ore Compression at select freeports.

You just want an option that’s safer and easier than any of your other ones.

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I like this Idea +1. Being a highsec carebear who is rapidly learning that I have no ore to build with in high sec i have two choices, buy it or go to low and mine it. Being risk adverse (see earlier comment), I will only mine with ventures because they pay for themselves after the first load. Using a device like the one mentioned would help us gather more ore in a faster time frame (although at a increased cost and visability) so that we once again produce items at a faster rate. Also it would help in the PI markets as well, they need all the help they can get right now.

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Compression is far too powerful.

A miasmos can be very hard to catch and can carry roughly 3bil isk worth of Plagioclase.

Definitely not.

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As long as it’s at least 50,000 m3 in volume, takes 30 minutes to anchor and another 30 to online, I’d say it’s balanced. ehp can be about 10,000 and would cost about 500m (in P4 commodities, not including Mineral costs).


What about if it compressed ore to some degree but not the same as in a refinery? may to 30 to 50% of what a refinery would compress at?

CCP would have to recreate a new set of items called “Moderately Compressed Ores” and would have to re-do the balancing numbers for reprocessing of everything. Sounds like a colossal waste of time for them.


I am sure that would be something that they would decide would be worthwhile or not. You may think it is a collosal amount of wasted time, they may not.

POS still exsist, drop a small, anchor compression array (believe it still compresses but not refine) take down when done.

A reasonable statement. It also appears to be CCP’s intent for this to happen, as part of its aim to encourage more “interaction”.

The rorqual already provides such a mobile compression service. And one that can even be accessed by a fleet. What is the case for a new version of what already exists?

OK. That is a very specific limitation. However, haven’t most (all?) mineral ores now been removed from WH’s? With the exception of moon ores? Reduces the argument as to where rorqs can usefully be taken.

OK. Apart from my quibble above, that I don’t know how real a limitation that really is, let’s work with that. Firstly, let’s just dismiss @Bronson_Hughes:

I made my first B isk in LS, ninja mining. This involved venture on newly introduced athanors on R64 moons. Taking LS specifically, orca rarely appeared and I have never seen macks. Fail-fit rets I have trialled myself, but there is nowhere to dump the ore afterwards. Half the systems don’t have NPC stations (prob a slight overestimate?) but freeports don’t exist anywhere. That’s highly specific to the two and a half regions I’m most familiar with, but still an absolute where one LS group owns all the athanors. And all the freighters I have ever seen were dead ones.

(What I wouldn’t have given for a way to compress and shift ore during that time. Just not R64, because CCP deliberately made moon ore non-compressible, so it had to be used locally. So, what chance they would introduce a mobile system now?)

I had my own compression at one point, on a R32 moon, and shifted compressed glare crust via miasmos. A nice little earner that was. And this is prob the way you have to go, and prob the way CCP would prefer you go too - put up your own structure.

Nothing mobile about that, however. So, in the absence of any(?) likelihood that CCP would accede to your request, the only alternative might be to go old school …

Don’t know if these are on-market, or you’d have to winkle out an existing owner, but I have been seriously thinking about this. If anyone knows about availability/ has one to sell, let me know. And Giddy, if you ask nicely, maybe you could use it too. Because, I don’t think you can make a good argument, even tho I would dearly love a mobile compression unit, as you envisage.

Hi @Lily_Inkura

My thinking is that a Roqual is a big asset that if I lived in low or null sec, in a mining community, I would probably have access to that. Also a null sec entity who now has exclusive access to Zydrine, Megacyte and Morphite will not have any issue put a JC into high sec to get all the Tritanium that they need. Same with the low sec corps.

So a scenario. As a corp you want to mine some ores that are only found in low or null sec (or even day trip into a wormhole). You get together a fleet and you use one of those filaments to take you all out into null sec space, or a wormhole to get you into low sec. You could be in ventures, or procurers. You get to where you want to be and set up shop.

That fleet is still potential content for the locals or anyone that passes by, so it isnt like that all they will do is sit there and mine without being harassed, Surely in most people’s eyes that is valid content.

The compression thing can be anchored somewhere in a safe maybe (but can be scanned down) and the ventures and procurers warp to it to compress their ore. And keep it in their holds as the deport has a limited amount of M3 it can keep. The depot compresses to only 50% of what a refinery does now.

Then you have to get back to base once finished, be that through gates, or WHs etc.

Even the idea that @Max_Deveron suggested would be viable, instead of CCP removing all the POS from game, maybe repurpose them for something like this.

That was a flippant comment to another comment.

Let me stop you right there. Ninja mining is, by definition, a small scale operation. I know, I’ve spent a fair amount of time in Prospects in losec.

Compression isn’t intended for small scale operations because it would be OP as hell. You’re advocating for a use case that runs contrary to the whole notion of ore compression.

Besides, what good is an anchored structure to you while you’re ninja mining? If you’re mining with hostiles in local, you certainly won’t have time to scoop it before you get tackled if someone lands on grid with you, and if you scoop it as soon as someone enters local then you’re seriously limiting your ability to mine in the first place. In either case, you’re almost certainly better off without an anchored structure slowing you down.

Right. So, what was your bigger limitation - your speed and/or ability to mine uninterrupted in your prospect, or your options to subsequently haul ore out to HS? (Which is context being discussed here.)

I have jet-canned under those conditions and picked up by miasmos. Only when an NPC station was in-system mind you, but can be done. That partly reduces ore hold (mining rate) limitations. But problem was still always the later multi-hauls.

Are you seriously suggesting if I had access to compression to reduce the number of hauls, a low-sec pirate is now going to cry “foul !”, “that’s OP”, just because they think there is now a chance my miasmos might “escape” with 100’s M isk in loot?

This is EvE. Where nothing is what it seems.

Bottom line, LS mining for anyone day-tripping from HS is going to be (much) smaller scale than regular miners are used to. Their biggest problem by far tho is always going to be shifting stuff around. The locals by contrast already use multi-rorqual fleets on R64 moons. How then do you address the general point of the OP, if you don’t at least consider the implications of a lack of compression in LS?

What, like a mobile depot, where you could swap out your prospect’s (or endurance’s) travel fit to add extra mining laser upgrades?

With hindsight, putting up a structure in a HS island, before quantum cores went live, could have been a clever idea. Especially as these exist next to LS Edencom systems, with mining boosts. (Sigh.)

That’s 4 more ore sub-types per type for the eve database.


And then do it again for scord, plag, pyrox etc


Your idea is best approached in a different way.

Simplify ore by making the vast majority of ore the basic type. Then change the +5% and +10% ores to +50% and +100% and make them a rarer spawn that you find in low/null/wh belts.

So ninja miners can dip into dangerous space and get decent isk/hour from ore that is ‘pre-compressed’. And it clears up the market to boot.


Typically I either mined adjacent to hisec (so my haul-out time was greatly reduced) or on a few occasions I found pockets with sufficiently lively ore markets that I could sell locally in losec (lower prices for sure, but profitable enough if I was willing to live there for a few weeks). I did contemplate using a jump freighter at one location before the cyno changes, but I never built up enough of a stockpile to justify the expense and I managed to sell it locally instead.

Doing long hauls out of losec is certainly an option, but I never saw it as a particularly effective or efficient one.

No the pirates won’t care. If anything, they’d probably love to see more Miasmoses packed with compressed ore on hisec pipes.

Who will care is industrialists all over New Eden. You’re looking at one particular use-case and I think you have good insight there, but you’re ignoring the impact that a deployable like this would have on the ore markets, industry, and the economy as a whole. There is a certain opportunity cost associated with hauling uncompressed ores, which means that there is a benefit to forming larger operations and using structures or Rorquals to compress ores prior to hauling. Once you go mucking with things like that everything else gets thrown off-kilter. Said another way, if you made compression easier you’d almost certainly have to make other things harder or less profitable in order to maintain balance. (I’m not saying that Rorqs are entirely balanced mind you, but you get my point)

It’s like when haulers ask for faster warp speeds and autopilot-to-zero or when mission runners ask for level 5 missions to be allowed in hisec: you can’t get something for nothing without some kind of radical shift.

How is it like that if it
A: would not compress as much as a refinery
B: Still needs to be anchored/unanchored
C: The ships involved would still need to get out of whatever area they are in

I think it would allow more movement, open up fleet to more content in terms of getting out into other areas of space as well as PVP options for hunters.

I am sure that even if altered slightly from my original idea that this isnt something that would break the game.

A. Multiple “levels” of compression is a total non-starter. Ore is either raw or compressed. Adding different compression levels would be a nightmare to miners, industrialists, and traders.
B. Anchoring/unanchoring something akin to a mobile depot is vastly less effort than anchoring an Upwell structure or staging a Rorqual in Indy mode.
C. Agreed, but they would be doing so with vastly less financial risk than either an Upwell structure or a Rorqual.

This is precisely what CCP is looking to avoid. They designed ore compression specifically to involve a larger commitment and a more static operation. These are the prices you have to pay for the benefit of getting to save time by hauling compressed ore.

People need to stop asking for stuff like this. We need small citadels. Rise up!