Mobile Ore Compression Depot

Me neither. Which is one reason holding me back from mining again in LS. That and the fact I wouldn’t be using an orca or hulk. Compression is a seductive counter to this.

Yup, I believe that too.

Maybe. But so what? From my (admittedly selfish) perspective, compression would be enough justification to both go back into riskier space and to mine sub-optimally. I would earn less isk/hr but also have more fun. I know that from experience. I rather suspect CCP would like that too.

You will change the balance. I agree. This also seems to be CCP’s intent with all its mucking about. Whether compression in particular would be an “off-kilter” change would just have to be tested.

However. The “need” for balancing changes strikes me as moot. Without knowing previous cause & effects, after Fortress Wars, not all my local R64 moons kept their structures. But the vast majority did. These moons are currently mined using rorquals. By the owners, not by the renters (trust being hard to come by in LS). The point is, the ability for me or even a Giddy-led group, to impact on existing rorqual and structure owners is low. For one, they are currently mining different, non compressible ores. Ironically. Two, they already have that infrastructure in place, so they have just been handed a huge bonanza by being gifted regionally limited ore. Ore which is compressible and in space volumes where they currently have few if any existing constraints. Remembering tho that they previously had vast quantities of higher grade arkonor, bistot etc from these moons and I never saw them touch it. Ever.

If existing residents do tho choose to switch to belts, but then also ended up with me as competition due to compression, they would just laugh. Laugh, I tells ya, 'cause being LS pirates is their day job, not this pansy, mining malarkey. Even if people like me and you then worked out how to farm empty border systems, I guarantee they wouldn’t stay un-visited for long. Which is also CCP’s intent.

If these small citadels come without cores, but with ability for compression, we are in furious agreement.


Let’s form the Brotherhood of Intergalactic Moon & Belt Operators and lobby the CSM for support!

@Lily_Inkura is much more effective at getting across a message that I it would seem :slight_smile: my only wish is you had done a post like this.

I still think it is a good idea in some way shape or form, hopefully it will light a bulb with someone at CCP because ultimately they are the people that would need to be convinced.

Me too.

Discussion is always useful tho. Turns out small control towers still on market for 200 M. Compression arrays too but might need to shop around on price. Need for/ availability of starbase charters is uncertain. Otherwise, tad steep in price plus 240 fuel blocks/ d involves some logistics. However, 2,000 + 6,000 m3 to get tower + array in-place is doable. And 20,000,000 m3 capacity for array is hugely useful.

I still have no feel for just how (semi) mobile this could be. But idea of putting one up in HS island has got me really interested. Not as neat as your dedicated mobile unit perhaps … still seductive. And if various auto-gun options are still available, with towers also not needing cores, this could very well be “an” answer to putting up a structure/ increasing availability of compression in LS.

The bet would be: will CCP ever get around to wiping tower-code vs could you make money back in-time by using such a system to hit LS gneiss, jaspet &/or hedbergite? With good choice of location, I think … definitely maybe.

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(Emphasis added)

This is why this idea will never fly. You’re looking at it from the perspective of one player, not EvE as a whole.

There are lots of things that I would love to see added to EvE that would benefit me personally (and, as a matter of fact, even a deployable ore compression platform would benefit me personally) but I recognize that they aren’t necessarily good for the game as a whole.

Playing solo in EvE is supposed to have some drawbacks compared to playing with groups of other players. Making compression easier for solo players to access goes directly against that ethos. Will that bother solo players? Sure.


You are ignoring the bigger picture. Compression would let solo and small-corporation and indeed any HS-based player(s), have a better chance of extending into LS for mining.

My assumption is nul-sec residents are already going to be sufficiently bloc-oriented to both challenge and potentially displace existing structure- and rorqual-wielding residents. If they want/ need to. Care bears ain’t going to do that. But, if they had a different paradigm available - a different way of potentially doing things - they just might.

I am arguing that compression, or small (semi-mobile) citadels, or re-purposing of towers (or other things my brain is too small to think of) might just be the enabling mechanisms to drive such a paradigm shift … smaller, agile mining operations, that can work outside of rorqual mining fleets or around semi-permanent gate camps for that matter.

Forget my being solo. The argument is much more about enabling a broad(er) mass of players to take on the challenge of going after limited minerals. This instead of just sitting on their duffs, a) whining and/or b) deciding it has to be market trading or nothing to get supply. You tell me how those two alternatives would benefit the game if the intent is indeed for more physical interaction/ conflict between players? And I don’t think roaming pirates are going to care if LS day-trippers appear in small mining groups or in a regular stream of solo-playing numpties. Just as long as there are more of us!


As I’ve already stated, the “bigger picture” is that CCP designed ore compression to require a lot of effort and organization in order to fully utilize. You are seeking to undo that.

It’s you who doesn’t see the bigger picture. You just want easier access to losec mining without having to do the additional work involved.


No. I am trying to get around that. Because it doesn’t work in low sec.

Existing residents already have all the compression footprint - rorquals and structures - yet don’t use it. And they don’t use it 'cause CCP made the most profitable ore in low sec to be non-compressible. Do you expect these residents to now change their behavior and switch that infrastructure from mining R64 to mining isogen and mexallon instead? If not, then why would you/ CCP/ anyone else looking for more local kills, expect hisec carebears to bring in that exact same type of infrastructure but then do just that?

Admittedly, if CCP made it so that existing residents could charge for compression, then you would have a better argument for maintaining the status quo.

This is low sec we are talking about. Compression doesn’t make access to low sec mining any easier. There are still camps, roaming pirates, use of undersized mining ships. Nothing changes there. But, it does make larger-value hauling more likely, which increases number and value of targets. Even if the locals did let me use/ could charge for their compression (as an alternative to me bringing my own) I would still expect them to shoot at me. This is the bigger picture.


There are two viable options at the moment I that I am considering as a LAST RESORT if my other ideas don’t work.

Nuclear Option One: Accumulate 10-15B of raw ore at low sec NPC station, sneak in a Raitaru and Reprocessing Unit at the deadest time of night (for the local pirates) and compress all the ore and put it back at the NPC Station. If the station is attacked oh well.

Nuclear Option Two: The Rorqual Sacrifice; Bridge a Rorqual (with little to no fittings) and siege and compress your ore. So long as the Rorq survives until all the ore is compressed (and returned to the npc station), you made out well.

Right now I’m trying to see if I can still deploy a small POS tower and a compression array at a very far away moon before considering the above option.

If I can’t anchor the POS/array, then low sec mining will be firmly in the hands of cartels and regular players will no longer able to be self sufficient by any margin.

1 Like Eve needs this made available to players, recent Ore redistribution update warrants it