Ore compressor for Orca/Porpoise?

How about a module for the Mining Commands ships that would allow them to compress ore on the fly rather than having to run back and forth to stations or use a hauler for the job? Alternately it would allow the use of a smaller Industrial ship to transport the compacted ores to the station.


or a new ship. I have some problems of logistics in high sec when i amepty belts in my desired systems, and cant put a raitaru in all of them.

Or… you could just fly them back to the station once in a while?
It’s not meant to be effort free to run a massive fleet mining effort, and you don’t need a structure in every single system, you can take your hauler 1 or 2 jumps and be back fast enough. If you are mining fast enough 2 jumps is too far (aka 1 structure per constellation), then you really can afford 2 haulers in your fleet.

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Myself use Covetor *5 + Orca booster + Obelisk. I fill two onbelisk when i am mining, and in some cases are three jumps with full cargo expanders. A flying Compressor is a good idea, can be a rig for the orca / porpoise/ exhumer or one low for compressing material in a freighter.

use a freighter if you are mining to fast to haul with a dst

A Porpoise is fast tho, I don’t think the Porpoise needs that

Now the Orca, sacrifice a mid or low slot for utility, seems pretty alright

except you don’t need to sacrifice for it do you? all you need is a mobile depot

Ore compression is a feature unique to the rorqual, and in order to use it the rorq needs to go into siege mode, making itself an even easier target. allowing smaller ships to compress WITHOUT needing to siege renders that entire use for the rorq obsolete. its mining yields are good but the main reason people love them is because compression allows them to strip an entire belt in a single go, but if for a fraction of the price you could bring out an orca, one of these compressors and an extra hulk and get 90% of the benefits that a rorq gives with none of the negatives then no one would bother with it anymore.

we need more shiny rorq explosions, not less.


No to the porpoise.

And as i said on the older forums…

The only way i can accept an Orca being able to compress rocks as an Indy/miner person myself is:

It must have a module introduced similar to the Rorq that forces it to “siege” up and provides ZERO bonuses outside of the ability to compress rocks.



The OP idea is dumb but this is just flat false. The compression is nice but i guarantee you would not see a sizeable reduction in use even if it lost the ability to compress

Lets look at the numbers shall we. (because everyone who’s seen my posts knows how much I love the numbers.

Rorqual, with excavators will cost you .
Mining amount. W t2IC ~900,000m3/hr
total ore space 380,000m3. Compression increases that by x10 for ores. so 38,000,000 m3 of ore total.
total cost ~8-9b

VS a “standard” mining fleet of orca w 5 hulks and hauler.
orca yield w augmented drones ~100,000
5xhulk w orca boosts ~196000*5=980,000
total 1,180,000m3/hr
Orca hold ~250,000m3
Total cost of fleet. ~3.5b

currently, the m3/hr of a rorq vs a standard mining fleet are comparable, the fleet pulls in slightly more. but requires a lot more micro-managing since the orca’s hold will fill up very quickly. and need a hauler to empty.

Rorquals advantage is that a single acct can pull in almost as much as the full fleet, and with the compression it doesn’t need to move at all except when the belt is stripped. for maximum AFK-ability. but at 2-3 times the price and putting yourself at greater risk by locking into place. (less of an issue for the mega-coalitions, although they still loose them at a considerable rate)

If the orca could also compress, then you would be able to drop the hauler alt. and the mining fleet could then do everything the rorqual could, by stripping entire belts before needing to unload, but at a fraction of the price, and with the ability to gtfo almost instantly so long as they are not bads and are mining while aligned.

I’m not saying that NO ONE would rorqual mine anymore, it def still has its advantages for afkability, but you would see fewer people getting into them in favor of fleets…

actually, in hindsight, I’ve changed my mind, I am in favor of orca compression, I would love to just keep using my current mining setup, why bother upgrading to a rorqual if what I’ve got can do damn near everything the rorq can.

yeah but that fleet of an orca and 5 hulks could also just be 6 rorqs and you’ll pull in a lot more.


Issue i have with Orca Compression, is Highsec and neutral orca miners.

With the right setup 5-6 pilot fleet could wipe out an entire system without ever having to dock up. And with being in “siege” mode, ice is right next door, no shortage of heavy water.

the problem is two trips with the freighter with three cargo expanders to three jumps oif distance.

This. There’s freighters for a reason. A Rorqual is a true capital ship so certain features should be unique to it. Although it would be convenient to have this on a module or possibly a unique (ORE) ship.

Isn’t something that should be made a quick an easy job.

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so lazy?

I think I made a post somewhere a while back in another forum thread - why doesn’t CCP just remove compression. Redo all the ore so each unit is 1m3 (like the moon stuff) and rebalance the minerals accordingly… plus rebalance the mining ships as needed as well.

Because it would open up much wider possibilities if they let us tax compression in citadels instead.

I can’t wait :wink: