Ore compressor for Orca/Porpoise?

needed for balancing ores.

I do that when i need to do that. Many times i send many trips of 5 miasmos with full ore, because is more QUICK than the freighter. The freighter then go for the compressed mineral,3 bulkhead.

No, instead i put raitarus with compression rigs in some systems thinking in the future, but 60m monthly of combustible can be better used in other fomrms of gameplay.

There’s your problem. Use Expanded Cargo to haul more or use Inertial Stabalizers to align quicker into warp.

maybe you dont read the full conversation. I dont want to move two times daily a three cargo expander obelisk.

and that’s your choice. but just because your unwilling to use one tool is not a reason to ask for another

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Oh. I am for ether direction: taxing compression or just removing it. Just wish they would hurry up with one or the other. Compression tax dialog goes back to before Citadels were released (I believe) and we still don’t have anything.

No, I did read it. But you’re asking for a tool and not utilizing what you have. A freighter can hold as much as 1,200,000 m3 if you’re using a T2 expanded cargo Charon. Either drop a compression module on a small tower or just bite your lip and haul it to the nearest citadel with reprocessing service.

I’d also like to point out that when you use Bulkheads they reduce your capacity. T2 is -11% for the module.

Can’t have your cake and eat it too.

Eve is about meaningful choices.


  1. Mid slot fuel fed module that compresses
  2. Module that compresses at a rate of __m3 per second into compressed ore
  3. Tech two mobile tractor unit that sucks up and compresses ore or some other deployable that compresses what you put into it.

If this becomes a thing they may as well remove compression.

Right? lol… If they plan to do something silly like this may as well make all the ores small volume.

Or just remove it with no other change :smiling_imp:

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