Hi there,

I’m expanding my production line and i’m looking to make connections with miners and mineral suppliers to sell to me directly and regularly (e.g. once a week) . I’m in the market for medium quantities of processed minerals.

I’m interested in buying ALL minerals except Morphite.
Needs to be contracted from 1 station within non-island high sec space.
Delivery isn’t required.

That’s pretty much it! Hit me up if you’re able to supply or know a guy who knows a guy and we’ll discuss pricing and details that profit both parties equally.

Thanks for your time!

Greetings… we are based in caldari hisec space, depending on how much you need a week, we can sort something . Please email me in-game with more details.

Sent you a message in-game from my trading alt.

Thanks, i’ve replied :slight_smile:

Thanks for your post, i’ve mailed you in-game :slight_smile:

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