WTB Highsec Compressed Ore


Forget about hauling! Contract me your compressed ore anywhere in highsec space aslong as it’s not on a highsec island!

I will pay 80% Jita buy otherwise 100% Jita buy if it’s located inside of Jita or Amarr.

I am also very active on discord @ Snowdevil#5745

Look forward to doing business with you :blush:

Still searching for some ore

Good morning/afternoon! I’m still looking for suppliers

Heyoo! Still looking for ore contacts!

I’m hungry for ore!

Another day another dollar!

Iso supplier

Yo yo yo it’s your neighborhood wholesale ore buyer looking for some ore. Hit me up and let’s get some isk together :muscle:

Working with a couple fantastic suppliers! Always happy to find more, message me anytime!


HEY YOU! Yes you with the stockpiled ore. Message me and let’s do some business together :slight_smile:

Highfly here with an important message, gib me ore.

Anyone got any ore?

Bump on the bumpy road

How much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?

If you want the answer, aswell as to sell your unwanted ore, Evemail me :slight_smile:

Bumping for ore

Edited the post to better reflect what my service includes. Also I’m still ISO awesome corps to gib me ore!

Got unwanted ore? Message me and I’ll take care of it!

Still here looking for that special someone :eyes::heart: