WTB Compressed Ores (15b+ weekly)

(Fazzy Star) #1

I’m here because I have 2 interested parties in buying ore and have asked me to find them ore suppliers. Both have slightly different requirements and I’m sure there are people out there willing to service these. You don’t have to be able to supply it all, even small fractions will do.

Buyer 1 (Seller found) - ~10b a week - Ore in Jita/Amarr
Buyer 2 - ~5b a week - Ore in Mendori (This buyer may need more, will update when needed)

The buyers hold the right to refuse the ores if they are unbalanced in quantities, it is up to their discretion.

If you think you are able to supply the ore please PM me here, or Eve-mail in-game (Fazzy Star). Please mention the following details:

Which buyer:
Price (Open to negotiation):
Amount of ore (estimate is fine):
Frequency of deliveries:
Other details such as, “I can supply 500m now, and then 200m weekly”, or “I can only supply a lump sum of ore”

Looking forward to doing business.

(Avallah) #2

Think that I can deliver to Jita all you need. Any specific kind of ore?

(Fazzy Star) #3

Thanks for the response!

Not specifically, just a nice mix of whatever whether that is from high/low/null. As long as it isn’t heavily lopsided (Tons of one ore for example).

I will contact you in-game to discuss further.

(system) #4

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