Scanning and Gas Cloud Harvesting

Is there a ship and fit combination that would make sense for single handed exploration and gas harvesting?


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Thank you, Corwin, I looked at that. The only thing that makes me nervous is the 3 high slots. Plenty to harvest with, but I’m concerned that it would be unprepared for hostiles.

That’s what the cloak is for. That and your warp drive. :wink:

He who fights and runs away…

He who turns and runs away.

Of course, if you’re already aligned (a good idea) you don’t have to turn. :smile:

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That thing is just a cloaked industrial frigate. You’re not going to win any real fights in that thing, even if it had 8 high slots and double the power/cpu.

Your only sane option is to stay well away from attackers.

Any ship that can Gas is going to be at a huge disadvantage when it comes to fighting other than maybe a 5 Gaser/Nuet geddon or Domi but then they are hardly very good at gassing or exploring

Sucks being an alpha. Ol’ lady doesn’t give me much time to play, maybe a couple hours a week so I can’t justify subbing for the time being.

But I been eyeing the Prospect and Endurance since they dropped on New Eden. I seen calculations saying a max fit Prospect can mine 95% as well as max armor tanked Producer with t2 miners. I used to have the numbers till started crapping out.

No a Barge can mine a fair amount extra.

Venture with 2X T2 Miners + 1 T2 Upgrade = 7.54M/S
Prospect with 2X T2 Miners + 4 T2 Upgrade = 13.8M/S
Procurer with 2XT2 Strips + T2 Crystals + 2 Upgrades = 18/M/S (not including drones)
Skiff/Mack with 2XT2 Strips + T2 Crystals + 3 Upgrades = 21.9M/s (not including drones)

Yeah that’s what I said. A max yield Prospect(with deep bore lasers and crystals, the small bore lasers work different than the strip bore lasers) is pretty close to the Producer without mining upgrades.

No point armor tanking a Procurer, 1 slot for a DC2 is all you really need. The rest of the tank is shields.

That gives you 1 upgrade slot.

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