Venture vs Prospect

Prospect should be able to mine gas faster, else there is no reason to use a Prospect instead of a Venture.

Prospect is 50x more expensive and has no +2 warp core strength. Mines same amount of gas. Why use it?

CCP should think about this when designing ships - the risk vs reward. Mining gas with a Venture feels kind of slow, but I realized this is the best gas mining speed I can get, the T2 ship does not help at all.


It can warp cloaked and it can tank the gas cloud damage. It can also be covert bridged to nice gas locations.


Venture can also tank that no problem.

Warping cloaked is not a big deal, a good gate camp will catch it, and with Venture I can mine with 1 neut in system and be more relaxed because it’s cheap and I got warp core strength (I know I can also equip the Prospect with stabs, and give it +4 warp core strength instead of +3 max for Venture).

I would risk a Prospect, if it would provide even 5% more gas mining speed.

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Hmmmm. Yep CCP needs to buff that ship

Out of curiosity, where do you huff gas?

I was going to say that it is much better in wormhole space, being able to warp cloaked and scan cloaked, but that would require a refit. With 4 highs for a cloak and a probe launcher, it would be great.

As is, the risk is indeed about the same:

  • higher chance of getting killed, much lower value of ship
  • lower chance of getting killed, much higher value of ship

That said, on the return trip, a venture might be full of valuable gas, getting it closer to the prospect (relatively, from ~1/20 the price to… say… 1/5 the price. Numbers for illustration purpose only. It’s been a while I huffed gas), while the chance of something bad happen is staying the same: might make the prospect better overall.

Upon further looking at numbers: You double the ore hold and triple the cargo hold with a prospect. That helps too, allowing for fewer trips and carrying a mobile depot with extra modules.

So for solo wormhole ops, you can fly around with warp stabs in the lows, cloak and probe launcher in the highs, tank in mids obviously. Find some nice valuable gas, deploy depot, refit for 2 gas huffers + cloak (and mining upgrades if you want), go at it, fill your 10k m3 ore hold, warp home. If something went wrong and the exit is gone, refit and find another one.

Those have no influence on gas harvesters.

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It has twice the capacity, 5% more mining yield per Expedition Frigate skill level, 3 more low slots, and oh yeah, covert ops cloak.

Gas is a secondary purpose, but still double the capacity.

You are basically saying, “My Geo Metro moves when I push the gas pedal, so why would I want a Ferrari?”…


Warp core str doesn’t help when the bubble shows up but a cov ops cloak does. Also my pacifier has 6 points on it and I will find you.

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