Any chance of adding some drone bay to the Prospect CCP?

HI, the prospect has no way to eliminate npc’s that spawn in wormhole gas sites, is it possible to give it some drone-bay even 10 would be great, thanks in advance.

It’s a ship meant to sneak in and hoover up gas behind enemy lines. I very much doubt CCP would consider giving it any defensive options aside from the cloak.

The ship its supposed to be an upgrade from has better tool’s to deal with the sites thou which doesn’t seem right. If the venture had no drones then sure it would make sense.

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lol, no.

Prospect is such a badass it doesn’t have to waste time eliminating NPCs, it just ignores them while sig tanking like a boss.


Ahh that’s interesting didn’t know it could tank those sites, thanks.

Let’s look at the stats here.

The Prospect has better fitting stats than the Venture. It has better capacitor than the Venture. It has three more low slots than the Venture. It’s more agile than the Venture. It warps slight faster than the Venture. It has a higher targeting range and higher possible number of locked targets than the Venture. It’s got better sensor strength than the Venture. It has higher EHP all around when compared to the Venture. It has a larger cargo bay and a larger ore hold than the Venture. It has a higher mining yield than the Venture. It can fit a CovOps cloak and covert cyno.

But because it doesn’t +2 warp core strength or a drone bay, it’s not a proper upgrade or specialization?


None of what you mentioned helps with rats, @SurrenderMonkey had a much more informative response as the only way to deal with the rats is tank them or kill them and those rats do 100dps which is quite high for a frig sustained tank which is why I thought one had to kill them.

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There’s a fellow named Yodik who used to publish videos of huffing while sig tanking in a prospect - have a look around for them. There is a little finesse to it. It really is a very good ship, though.


^ This. Yodik runs multiple clients at the same time, all sig tanking rats while huffing in different sites. He knows what he’s doing.

On YouTube his channel is now “Upwell Palatine Keepstar” and he’s still very active. Here for example:

Here’s a thread he put on the old forums with some links to relevant gas mining videos:

However, if you just search for Yodik on eve search, there are some older threads from 2-3 years ago where he originally posted videos. All worth watching.


Holy crap that’s insane, yea drones would not do anything there, unless tackle frigs xD


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not an upgrade just more specialized. the lack of a drone bay makes it worse at mining ore but the cloak lets it get around to more dangerous areas. it in no way needs a drone bay.

with gas sites you either go in huff the good cloud before sleepers show and leave or clear the site then bring it in

Yea that’s exactly what that vid showed 2 months ago.

After watching that video, I logged on SiSi and went to Thera and found a similar class 5 gas site to try out the Prospect with that fit.
So the battleships neuts did hurt for a few seconds and turned my afterburner off but the sleepers gave up on neuting me and I kept orbiting the gas cloud at 500m.

All that shiny gas just for me. Oh and them sleepers are very nice guard dogs for un-announced visitors of your gas mining operation.

Because of the weird slot layout of the Prospect 3-3-4 (???), I made a cap stable armor tank which is much better at sig tanking.

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how is that a strange layout?

It’s supposed to be a shield boat.

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what? its supposed to be a mining ship. only reason i can think of that you think it should be shield is because barges are shield. prospect you can shield tank if you want max yield or armor tank if you want max tank

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It’s not unreasonable. The whole Ore range favours shield tanking, either in slot layout and shield/armour/structure, or through slot layout:

Ship High Mid Low Shield Armour Structure
Venture 3 3 1 225 175 200
Endurance 1 4 3 1100 400 500
Prospect 3 3 4 800 600 600
Procurer 2 4 2 6000 5000 5500
Retriever 2 1 3 2300 1700 2000
Covetor 2 1 3 1700 1300 1500
Skiff 2 5 3 6500 5500 6000
Mackinaw 2 4 3 3000 2300 2700
Hulk 2 4 3 2200 1800 2000
Porpoise 4 4 2 6000 3000 8000
Orca 6 5 2 30000 7000 45000
Rorqual 8 7 4 90000 60000 300000

Pretty much the entire ORE mining range favours mid-slots over low-slots and all favour shield HP over armour HP.

Analysing the last 1000 Prospect losses from killmails, as a mining ship it is almost exclusively (>95%) shield tanked. As a Blops hunter is it almost exclusively armour tanked (>95% when covert cyno is fit, with the mids fit with propulsion and tackle).

Fozzie has also suggested a shield tank in the devblog when it was introduced:, but only loosely.

So understandable to see it as perhaps a strange slot layout in the overall ORE range, but that makes it good in terms of ability to escape danger.


Yip but your analyzing loss mails :stuck_out_tongue: could be why it was lost in the first place lol, but the prospect is the only one with a much higher armor to shield ratio and has 4 low slots to work with instead of the 2mids (after prop mod), and against larger ships sig tanking >> I guess the only reason you would want to use shields is for passive regen to counter neut’s but that seems not to be necessary:

I’v tried with a few alts but the hardest part was getting all alt’s to stay constant 50km’s + from the rat’s that jedi dude is crazy good at multi boxing I can only do it decently with 2 char’s.

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I know just a joke, but I did think of that. The percentages rule that possibility out :+1:

The main use of lows is inertial stabilisers, nanofibers and warp core stabs.

Shield tanking, while increasing sig, give more options for manuverability, speed and escapability.