Prospect rebalance

Does it make sense to anyone else that the Prospect should have a low slot moved to a high slot so it can: cloak, scan for gas sites, and huff them without refitting, given that gas huffing is it niche? I’m not sure why a hypothetical organisation would design a hull that is not exactly ‘fit for purpose’ unless its purpose is actually rock mining with clock protection, and the gas bit is a throw in. Thoughts?

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Would it have enough CPU for both?

Why would it need that? You can refit for scanning with a depot.

I think they’d like to do both without having to refit.

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Yeah, not going to happen, not feasible or reasonable. He has probably not heard of tradeoffs and compromise.



The Prospect was designed to switch between these functions using a mobile depot:

The Prospect is small, fast and agile enough to avoid most hostile fire, but manages to pack an upgraded mining fit and larger ore bay into its compact frame. The larger cargo hold is sufficient to comfortably carry a Mobile Depot, greatly expanding its options once it arrives at its destination.


I’m happy with that explanation. Cheers.


IDK about you guys but I’m not spending the ISK for a Prospect when a Venture huffs the same amount.

The Venture is not a bad choice for gas huffing, but I did put my gas huffing character in a Prospect; the Prospect huffs twice longer than a Venture before it has to return, and travels much more safely with that covert cloak.

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With an inertial stab and maybe 1 rig the Venture aligns as fast as an interceptor. Never lost a Venture on a gate.

Indeed, if your Venture aligns in less than 3s with such a fit it’s rare to get caught. Only a good gate camp or bubble would stop you. While the Prospect would have better chances to surviving those situations, the chances of survival for a Venture are good too.

The Prospect however still can mine twice as long as a Venture before you have to dock.

Two and a half times longer, to be exact.


I forgot that they upped the cargohold of the Prospect from 10k to 12.5k in the latest mining rebalance. You’re right.

It fits a lot more gas than a Venture, that’s for sure.

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