Gas harvesting skill

In industry update there will be new material to gather for crafting and at least one of them is gas. My question is about updating gas harvesting skill. Right now its learning improves amount gas harvesters that can be activated at the same time ( up to 5) yet there is no mining ship that can be fitted with such amount gas harvesters. will be there update to this skill to be fit in nowadays realities of the game yhats the question.

Right now we have mining ships that can effectively harvest gas with only 2 gas harvesters (venture + prospect) yet when we are mining ore there is more variations on how to mine
there is even some silly builds ( like aplha rokh mining(fow alpha more m3/min than venture) )
my suggestion is that we need to change gas harvesting from amount gas harvesters availiable to cycle reduction so gas harvesters would be as mining lasers : availiable and not stupid on other ships (can even add gas harvestinfg specs)

Mining ships are not the only ships that can mine. Also, IIRC the base Mining skill (which increases cycle speed) applies to Gas harvesters because they are also turrets.

I heard gas harvesting mining boosting Gnosis are a thing, I suppose those use more than 2 gas harvesters?

Also, I think training the skill allows use of T2 modules, does it not?

I agree that it seems strange that increasing the skill does not feel useful for mining ships.

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IIRC the base Mining skill (which increases cycle speed)

mining(base skill) (5% to yield for mining turrets )
mining upgr( mining 3 ) (lowers cpu for mining lasers )
astrogeology (mining 4)(5% to yield for mining turrets )

there is no skill that affects gas harvest except the skill itself
maybe game doesnt recognise gas harvesters as mining turret but as standalone turret with aility to harvest gas

once you achieved gas harvesting 5 all you have is a new module and major 49% imrovement yet it does nothing else because for mining there is mining upgrades(like frostlone omnivore harv upgrade for gas (cycle red)), strip miners(too much for gas), deep core miners(can make special clouds), mining drones(maybe we need that) and in upcomming patch gas will be more needed yet nothing is upgraded fir its harvest

venture with the same modules mines faster than gnosis ( 25% more)

True, but the mining Gnosis is brought for the mining boosts to improve the other ventures.

Sorry, yield, not cycle time.

I’ll need to boot up PYFA to check and see if gas harvesters are buffed by those skills; the description of gas harvester turrets presents them as mining lasers, and they are turrets, so some of the skills may apply.

i harvested a lot of gas and it doesnt count for gas harvesters

i dont know if mining boost improves cycle of gas harvesters because it states that it improves mining modules

This is the benefit of going to V, you can use the T2 harvesters.

No other benefit is needed.


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