Skill books for gas harvesting

I have been wanting to bring this up for awhile now. I feel the game really needs at least one skill book for gas harvesting duration reduction or yield increase. Right now it feels watered down to just have one skill book for the modules and no way other than implants to get better m3/sec.

Please CCP add in skill books that would achieve this, 2 or 4 % per level is all I ask for too, nothing extreme or game breaking, just make “gas harvesting” a more fledged out career path.

Opinions welcome

Fly safe o7

Have you not seen how much gas gets harvested? It’s a very lucrative career path, at least it looks like it to me.

Oh yeah I sure have, I know if you are able to sit in a hulk with t2 harvesters you can get a decent m3/sec going. Still I don’t see the harm in having a skill that at V provides 10% increase to yields per cycle or time reduction. Would help out the new comers still using T1 scoops imo.

its already a crazy good afk isk maker once you found a site.
only 7 day train to get T2 scoops to almost double yields. doesn’t need any more boosts.

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