Drone I => Only for Omega Clone State?

Hi, i’m new / back after 10 years. I’m trying to figure out this omega state, if I still want to play for free (guessing that’s alpha…) I can’t use mining drones <= if this is correct (?) would this change at any point or is this perm?

I remember picking up drones in the early stages of the game, I remember it being essential for mining ops. shame we can’t have this out of the pay cutoff… :rocket:

Awesome game that crosses generations through decades.

IIRC drones can be used by alphas. Mining drones are not the same as combat drones and they cannot be used by alphas. Mining can be generally done only in ventures if you are alpha.

And in some bs too, like praxis .

Unlikely to change because we already give alphas a lot of stuff.

You dont need drones to mine, either. They are really only a supplement, and only important on things like orcas that cannot use mining lasers.


Outside of command ships, a full flight of mining drones (mind you, venture cant use 5, but only 2) only add on about 25% more at the most, so usually you just throw out a flight of combat drones.

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