New Drones

I wish we had more drones in the game
How about Tractorbeam drones and hull repair drones
S tractorbeam drones can handle M wrecks and below and M drones can handle L wrecks and bleow H drones can handle Capital wrecks and below.

Well, I got good news for you because we already have hull repair drones.

Someone else also suggested gas harvesting drones, which I’m down for.
No P2W

Why would you want to have to bring drones?

Game is balanced around the current max yield and gas harvesting isn’t really in a place that it needs a boost.

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No one is talking about increase in yield.

… oh so the gas drones would just have a yield of 0m3/s? I mean i guess if you wanted to add those sure. Not sure how many people would use them though.

You’re either increasing yield or your forcing the use of drones to keep the current yield. Neither option is warranted currently.

we don’t need more things to take away what a ship can effectively do (IE MTU)
if you want tractor drones, then get rid of MTU’s

I really wish mtu were never added.


We already have these . Maybe it will be for the best to learn more about the game before suggesting implementations.

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Friendly inertia and speed slingshot drones would add some wild (and probably overbearing) dynamics to nanogang combat.


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