A small wish list

Dear CSM and Dev crew;

Just some shower thoughts and a small wish list, if I may? I realize these may never come to fruition, but at least I got them out there for consideration or flaming…

First, thank you for the introduction of T2 salvage drones! Could we please have T2 armor and hull drones next? And or T2 logi drones? Would like a T2 EC-300!

Second, could we have a micro MTU introduced? One that is 50m3 and maybe holds less than a standard MTU? Or a super micro 25m3 version that pulls wrecks to you only and not auto loot. Just feel like there is a niche for one or both and would go well with the mobile depot concept, although I wish the MD had a loadable rep unit for repairing ship and modules too. Maybe make them only for use with frigates or up to cruiser class only. I just wish I could fit a mobile depot and an MTU for under 100m3, or a micro mobile depot and micro MTU for 50m3.

Third, with all the new moon interactions, which seems to have been changed, could we have a chance to harvest suns? Make it so you can specialize and be able to be close to the surface and not die to heat or radiation damage in a specialized new class of vessels? Maybe introduce plasma of some sort as a new fuel for ships or other manufacturing? I always wondered why we don’t fuel or refuel ships? Probably get flamed for this idea because it is another consumable. But, it would be cool to have different grades of fuel based on color or content of the sun and its location, i.e. white dwarf makes a form of nitro for pvp frigates for speed boost. Orange sun makes a specific fuel for haulers that helps to mitigate jump fatigue. Maybe another sun could produce a special coolant for mitigation of overheating modules… Maybe introduce a new slot specific for fuel and or strot or whatever to be loaded for ship fuel and or cloaking.

Fourth, another thought on MTU’s, could we have a 50% hack option added to abandon MTU’s? I find them often and think it would be great if I could have the option to hack it and be able to gain control/ownership so as to scoop it and re-sell or re-use. Maybe a abandon timer, after no interaction for say 1 to 2 hours, could be added to it and It be treated like the data/relic sites, if you fail the hack it goes into a self destruct sequence or maybe act like a smart bomb where the MTU causes damage to your ship or shuts off or burns out modules due to an EMP affect as a security feature for failing the hack. I just find it annoying to be able to scoop lost or abandon drones all day long, but cant scoop an abandon MTU?

Fifth, I wish there where gank survival marks for ships! Kill marks are cool, but some of us have survived gank attempts and it would be nice to have some recognition on the hull. Might make a few pirates a bit salty to see a T1 hauler fly through with survival marks, might be an incentive to engage besides loot drop! Or have a exploration frigate proudly show gank attempts on the hull!

Wish granted.


This idea has merit, but that is a ridiculously short amount of time before your MTU becomes vulnerable to theft.

From what I’ve remembered, T2 armor and hull drones are already on market.
T2 utility drones is sorta… Originally I think people want T2 salvage drones just because there is an I straying at the end of its name.

boo trigs

This is something I want as well. But I’m not sure there is enough resource to bring this to life.

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