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Greetings CCP and pilots across new eden.

So my suggestion is about adding a new feature to the MTU’s… When mining or just salvaging wrecks popping down an MTU sounds like a decent way to keep some items in before hauling, only then to find out that you stole 3 corp members cans and have wasted yours and their time as the can is now full of stuff you had no intention of taking/collecting.

I know you could say “dont use MTU near corp members” or “Just give the items back when docked up” but again thats wasting time for you and those who got their cans accidentally stolen when a simple change to the “launch for self” option to make it actually “launch for self” will fix it. It will only pick up wrecks you blew up (or wrecks that have been abandoned) and the cans you drop, this will then solve the stealing cans issue.

Even adding a “collect cans within…” or “ignore corp cans” / “Ignore everything but your own” to the right click menu when using the MTU. I know myself and other people would welcome this idea and im sure theres going to be some who will say no to this change.

I’m not sure if this has been asked before, if it has, sorry about that. I think its a great idea imo and im suprised this isnt a feature already. I would even gladly pay for a different MTU that only picks up your own cans maybe. Hopefully a GM/Dev will see this and give his opinion on it.

I did ask about it in rookie help to a CCP op and he misunderstood what i was talking about and after telling him that i meant “it will only collect your cans, not anything else” he did say thats not a bad idea, so here I am :slight_smile:

Let me know what you think.

as far as cans, its anything goes…

as far as wrecks, it will not loot a wreck that doesn’t belong to you. Only your wrecks or abandoned wrecks will a MTU loot it…

a better idea… get rid of the MTU

Make the Noctis Great Again

Wow, this is a good idea. You can open and close your Orca hangers to corp members. CCP Aurora, this seems like “low hanging fruit”.

its not really “anything goes” it only picks corps cans, which is annoying as hell…

Yeah I know that it only picks up wrecks u blew up, unless ur in a fleet… forgot to mention that bit my bad

Get rid of them. Problem solved

Automation spoils the game. So any improvement to the MTU, even for mere convenience, i will oppose, because it just encourages more use of the MTU i.e. more players opting for automation.

If you want any kind of intelligent scooping, fit a tractor beam and do it yourself.

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Look on Zkill for the MTU, its a “Conflict Driver” and a “Economic Driver”. Since it pulls from 3 or more resource piles to build, it has multiple levers attached. There is a playstyle attached to MTU destruction, which is also good. Counterplay…

No changes need to be made however.

We’ll forget that MTU’s crippled the salvaging profession, that’s another discussion.

But all of what you said is completely unrelated to how smart an MTU is.

To encourage ‘Suspect Capsuleer PvP’, I suggest allowing an MTU to have two functions.

How CONCORD Advances Watermeloning Across New Eden.

Passive Mode : MTU collects modules ‘Blue’ and ‘White’ wrecks, normal attributes.
Suspect Mode : MTU collects all modules from all wrecks within it’s tractor range. When the first ‘Yellow’ wreck loot is collected, the MTU goes into Reinforced Mode for 15 minutes. During those 15 minutes, attacking the MTU would be like trying stuff a watermelon through a straw and would not be able to loot or have loot removed until the 15 minute timer went away. On top of that, the player who owns the MTU would gain a Suspect Timer of 15 minutes allowing PvP to happen, legally without any Sec Stat loss. While Suspect, due to MTU Watermeloning, the owner of the MTU would not be able to dock at any station or structure and could not log off nor would the responsible owner be able to leave a system via the gates.

Those that hate MTU’s might like my suggestion which would buff the noctis a bit, New Tractor Beam T2 module the auto collects loot

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