MTU Request

Hello, can we please have an option for the MTU when you right click on it, to NOT tractor in empty wrecks? Maybe “Ignore Empty Wrecks” option?

Thank you


It would make it even more OP. Want to skip empty wrecks? Loot/salvage the old way. With tractor beams or prop mod.


So you just wanna loot but not salvage?

Just do what kitty said.

Go back with a destroyer or noctis and manually tractor in the wrecks with loot and just leave the trash floating in space

You aren’t the first to ask for this. CCP is likely not going to give this. So be smart with looting. Or simply wait for the MTU to collect everything. It’s a downside vs using a tractor beam.

I would like MTUs to be hackable. Fail the hack: boom, no loot.

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I want in abyssal sites to not waste time tractoring empty wrecks of caches and waste precious minutes.

They designed abyss that way for a reason.

Mtu targets the closest wreck first. So fly so all the loot wrecks are pulled before empty

SO how you going to do that in Abyss?

You didnt say abyss in your OP, but as been mentioned several times in here, its designed that way and they mist likely won’t change it

Can’t you just blow up the empty abyss wrecks? If you popped the Can you’re already in range.

I don’t see a problem giving this feature to the Magpie tractor.

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Definitely, fancy mtus could have fancy features!

Also, how about a feature that allows your mtu to tractor yellow wrecks? At the cost of becomming suspect! I can already think of nasty things being done with such feature :men_wrestling:

Why not tractoring abandoned drones too? Yoink all those drones from bad drone parents.

That should be allowed normally. Doing this imposes player to lots of risks, so he should be able to choose whether he wants his MTU to allow it or not. (If it cannot be made default via checking owner safety settings.

Yeap, should be an option there when you right click your MTU!
After all, is this a sandbox or what?

I thought they did tractor the wrecks but just didnt loot them due to sus mechanics

Also, why the MTU only tractors the closest wreck? It should have an option for tractoring the farthest.

Sometimes if we scoop the MTU and then redeploy it then it will start tractoring everything again, everything that is close to the MTU because probably you won’t perfectly redeploy it at the same spot.

If the MTU was tractoring the most distant wrecks it would keep working well even if redeployed.

This would be fantastic in wormholes, you could scoop the MTU then fly 20km towards the wrecks that are out of range and redeploy it, so it would tractor those wrecks far away.

Should I assume that the MTU devs never played EVE? :man_shrugging:
Quality of life! This is quality of life in the game, no wonder people get burned of silly chores and then quit.

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You grindbears are not thinking big. Why MTU at all? The salvage and loot should just appear in your homestation immediately after the NPC is killed. Taking it a step further why not have every NPC die, salvage itself, and deposit that along with its loot table as soon as you accept the mission.

Blitzing has never been better…

Even better idea… get rid of the mtu

I love this idea. I think it’s a great shame that hacking can only be used for PVE content. I would like to be able to hack all sorts of things.

More should be done to protect drones from bad drone parents. I always pick up abandond drones where I see them in space. I think Ewar drones have it the worst. So many orphans.