Feature request: option MTU to collect only nonempty wrecks

Could this be implemented?
Crap ton of time wasted on pulling empty wrecks while not every one salvaging them
( especially in Abyss )
To save time i kill empty wrecks with drones.
But would love an option to set on MTU to skip empty wrecks and pull wrecks only with loot.

This thread will end well. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :smiling_imp: :popcorn:


Oh look, another one of these “Please make it easier for me to be lazy” threads.


how’s skipping on empty wrecks boosts laziness? even if you are trolling, its still a good idea to use a bit of intellect.

That’s why you have tractor beams.

MTU are just dumb tractor beams that pulls everything.

If you want to be selective mount a T2 Tractor Beam like many others do.


as @dewk said, fit a T2 tractor beam. problem solved.


Interesting idea but a moot point. T2 tractor beams exist for a reason.


See previous thread. Automation is bads.


Yet another stupid thread asking for this nonsense?

Stop wanting CCP-enabled botting cos you’re too lazy &/or stupid to figure it out and fk off.


forgive me if i am wrong but T2 tractor beams do take a slot in your ship dont they?

as said previously PLEASE USE GOD DAMN INTELLECT !!!

and whats the deal with this Omaristos guy, all he does is call ppl stupid and tell every one to fk0ff, in every post i see from him. Perhaps its time to take a little break from the forums and get a pill?

do moderators actually moderate the forums?


“Give me instanced PVE so I can be safe!!”
“Make looting easier for me!!”

You are are swearing and using all caps, and you think you are the reasonable one here?


there is already safe PvE instance, its already done

whats wrong with things that are easier? its a game, why things should be more routine or boring?

You are not complaining about boring. You are complaining because your MTU isn’t more effective.

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MTU effectiveness is directly affecting boredom

and i am not complaining, i am suggesting something that would IMHO improve game experience.

apparently any post on the forum is just a food for angry trolls :slight_smile:

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Yip, its like that idiot demanding auto-activation and fire of turret/launcher after they reload.

Too lazy to click a button.

Idea is to make a choice collect everything automatically or sacrifice a highslot and select what you pull.

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We recently had a long discussion about this and everybody seemed to agree that the problem is that you cannot shoot/destroy wrecks in abyssal space like you can everywhere else.

thats why i said normally i shoot empties with drones, but not in abyss, u cant do it.
if in normal space its just an additional little annoyance ( after all you can let a newbro get a little income letting some one salvage your wrecks if you dont need them)
In abyss you cant.
Becomes increasingly important in T4 and T5
It does not add any skill or fun to the activity, yet consumes time.
and if some one wants to plug a tractor beam in high slot in T4 or T5 abyss, … well whats that word that Omaristos likes to call people, again ??? :slight_smile:

such a tiny quality of life improvement but makes trolls so agitated :slight_smile:

did you react same way on “loot all” button?

“loot all is for b0tt3r$ and lazy fks”

It’s not a “quality of life” improvement.

You’re just lazy.