Auto-abbandon of wrecks

Hello, me again. Woudn’t be nice if wreaks would go to an abbandoned status after 30minutes they are Made?

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Part of me would like that; part of me wouldn’t.

Status quo is good for now.

–Content Gadget


No because the owner has two hours after the wreck is created and may only go back after finishing a few sites then with a dedicated salvager ship scoop up the loot and wrecks.

(Alternatively a fleet mate might be salvaging after him/her or a multiboxed alt is also an option for such.)

If someone doesn’t plan to go back and bothers to then will abandon the wrecks so others can easily salvage them, and if not then they either plan to go back or don’t want to make it easier for others to salvage.

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If you need the loot that badly, steal it! Then dock up and wait out the 15 minute suspect timer.


I would prefer a setting that when active will automatically auto-abandon wrecks for times when I happen to be with someone and I don’t care about the loot/salvage myself. I would definitely want this to be optional of course for times when I definitely want to maintain my claim on loot/salvage.


That’s something I could get behind.

Gadget picks up and salvages everything, but sometimes I’m not playing Gadget and I don’t really care about the extra loot/salvage. I’m racing against time (usually my own), and while I will blue the wrecks if I remember, sometimes I forget and it would take too much time to go back and be a good Samaritan.

I know EvE is about consequences and choices and all that, but I could totally get behind an optional toggle for auto-blueing wrecks. Maybe even with a time slider - somewhere between immediately to an hour?

–Gadget - not blueing this thread


You can set your safety to yellow and the loot them anyway. Isn’t that great? That should solve your issue,


I could get behind an abandon timer on EMPTY wrecks, would make salvage cleanup a bit easier on folks since you cannot tractor yellows.

Beyond that, I like the yellow flags and that it is a choice.


Abandoning loot is also a choice.

A toggle would just allow a player to refrain from physically making that choice over and over again, once they’ve made the mental choice. Saves some wear and tear :slight_smile:

But yeah, the tractoring is what I had in mind.

–Choosy Pilots Choose Gadget


that’s exactlly the iusse. People that go on quests and don’t use a MTU (they are many trust me) don’t abbandon their cargo and i can’t gather it
It’s just for a “since you left it here for 30minutes, it’s not only yours anymore”)

For everyone that told to steal it: you probably have attention iusses

For the mechanic: Auto-abandon should be a thing i guess
The main iusse isn’t the loot. I don’t care about the loot. I salvage the wreaks that i can’t gather togheter

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Why cant you?

Yellow wreaks can’t be tractored by beams and MTUs


Oh youre just lazy. Or greedy. ok.


Yes i’m lazy for not going to a 124km debrie floating in space to another 100km away.
But that’s none of your business, we are trying to update gamplay for the better here, not spamming on articles

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Ok then you arent lazy, you are stupid for wanting a single charred micro circuit and an overdrive injector I that badly.

But you are still greedy.

with your last sentence i know that you don’t know what you are talking about

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make it an option.

also learn the features section for this stuff.

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Where should this topic be?

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No, you dont.

You want something changed so you dont “have” to click your MWD on for a few seconds to go get a piece of trash.
If its not laziness. its greed.

Its also stupidity as the amount of fun someone would have with you and dropping their own MTUs would be hilarious.

Yes, you really don’t know what you are taking about

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