Dock timer on looting

Hey CCP, can you please put a docking timer when you loot other people’s wrecks, which gives you a suspect timer? Same timer you get when aggressing and you cant dock for 1 minute I believe.



This is actually a cool idea.

The term you are looking for is weapons timer. :bulb:

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But 1 minute is way too much, this will only force everyone to game it by middle-man throwaway alt anyway.

10 second top. And it shouldn’t affect gates, just docking.

No, should be 1 minute. If you loot in a BS, 1 minute is enough for them to get revenge. 10 seconds is worthless, might as well have nothing.

Another limitation I would put on looters would be to have alpha accounts being unable to see high end meta loot in player wrecks. Only T1 and T2 loot. To prevent alpha accounts full looting mega account kills.

Right, that’s what I meant. To basically prevent people from sealing stuff in a tanky ship, if they loot someone’s kill, without the victim of the theft being unable to retaliate. So if you want to loot, loot by all means, you just cant make yourself invulnerable immediately after. That’s basically what docking is, or being attacked by the victim and then immediately switching to another ship. If you have a timer, you run the considerable risk of losing the looting ship.

This won’t prevent that. You’ll just wind up with the same scenario as Core loot thieves: DST to hold the loot, cheap-ass Corvette to “do the looting”. You end up with a cheap empty suspect Corvette that can’t dock for a minute and a beefy non-sus non-weapons-timer DST holding the loot ready to dock up.

You’re all getting obsessed over edge cases where people have any number of expendable alts to use for loot transferring.

This makes good old fashioned skirmishes over gates and stations spicier, and that’s a good thing.

History of this very game shows that, when a mechanic becomes more dangerous, the vast majority of players will either not do the now-more-risky-activity or will drag their alts out to eliminate the risk. Very few players will actually accept and take on the risk in the romanticized rosy vision.

And we really don’t need more incentives for alts.

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Do you really think everyone turning up to every opportunistic fight can and will bring a spare throwaway alt purely for loot juggling?

Of course not. Plus, it’s looting, players do it compulsively.

Of course not every. That’s not at all what I said. I still stand by the things I did say.

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I think the OP is asking for this for situations like the Jita loot bots

Such a well-known static spot lowers the barrier even more to using the 2-toon method of scoop-to-fleet-hangar to avoid the proposed weapons timer addition to the existing suspect flag avoidance that happens today with Core ninja-ing.

I agree with Katya, if you’re ratting in some backwater belt, most people aren’t going to drop an alt to steal your meta modules and scrap metal.

For high value spots like Jita warp-in point, that’s a totally different story.


I absolutely agree with the suggestion. 1 Minute timer for every action that gives a suspect timer. Gates and Stations. Investigations need to be done by the security officers ^^.

NPC stations should just tether. Makes no sense that the main trade hub cannot use a technology every Astrahus can. (No outlaws of course.) :slight_smile:

Adding a 1 minute weapons timer for everything that triggers suspect timer instantly kills solo and small gang lowsec piracy, especially around FW zones. Your opponent can just bait you to warp into a plex, then go hop a gate, and then they’re gone 'cause you’re stuck on a gate for 1 minute.

Then again, ■■■■■■■ over lowsec when it comes to mechanics is pretty par for the course for CCP.

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Actually why not 15 minutes? Most timers are 15 min anyway so it will be united and 15mins will achieve your goal much better than 1 minute anyway.

Also remove “Loot All” button.

Warping into a FW plex makes you suspect? Is that new? I never fought in FW, but it doesn’t sound logical.

I think thats too long. 1 Minute sounds right, I mean, you get 1 Minute docking block for using a FleetBoost Module or a Bastion Module that doesnt even hurt anyone nor support anyone else. So a Minute dock/jump block for stealing something… yeah, that sounds about right!

I don’t have a “goal”, I just have an opinion and my reasons for it. This pre-aligning, loot+instawarp+instadock ist just ■■■■■■■■ and I would like to see it be gone.

Nah, thats a nice QoL thingy. But make “Loot all” take 5 seconds in which you cannot be faster than 25% of your max speed, or it fails. :slight_smile:

Yes. No.

Your post screamed “I want nobody (except the owner) to be able to loot a victim of a crime”.

Honestly I am all for this, but 1 minute is way too much and what happens is that:

  • lot of players who are perhaps looting yellow wrecks when they see them stops doing it, the activity gets way too risky for them
  • it also makes it much more annoying as looters will be forced to warp between celestials or bookmarks till the timer is gone
  • it forces gankers who are looting their victims at crowded places like Jita or Uedama to abuse the middle-man throwaway “trick” (or exploit if you like), makes it yet another mechanic that forces players to (excessively) multibox

The problem here is, that if players expect this and are there when such situation arises with warp scramblers or warp disruptors then it is all or nothing like situation. If you get scrambled you are basically dead. There is very little counterplay. And if you warp away without getting scrambled, then it doesn’t matter if its 1minute or 15 minutes that you cannot dock, you are out and there is very little counterplay to stop you.

Jita specifically.

If the docking will be restricted for 10 seconds then this is going to happen:

  • casual ninja looters would be out of the “game”, it is too risky without being able to dock right away without the right ship to do this
  • dedicated ninja looters will switch to either some instawarping frigate or Sunesis with warp stab, attempt to loot and warp away. Those who are specifically sitting at dock area will swap from t1 haulers to Praxis or DST maybe even Orca. Which actually is already a choice of some gankers and ninja looters anyway. Simply the ships that can survive multiple players shooting them for 10 second and then dock.

In this situation the dedicated looters will still feel safe to loot it without middle-man alt as there is quite a high chance that they get away with it. However, those 10 seconds do allow some counterplay which is nearly impossible right now. For example bumping them out of dock range right after they pick the loot.

If docking is restricted for 1 minute then this is going to happen:

  • casual players are likely to ignore yellow wrecks from now on completely
  • dedicated looters will be forced to used middle-man alt to get their prize, it is still better than undocking a chain-repping nestors right lol, DST imo won’t work because AGs will sit there 24/7 with quadruple faction warpscrambler Praxis already pre-locked the DST and using macro to activate it every 1second

I am often lootng random yellow wrecks near gates when I am tavelling. With 10 seconds, I would probably still do this, with 1 minute not at all.

Imo we want peoples to loot the yellow wrecks and become suspects, so they can provide content by giving incentive to others to hunt and shoot them. If the punishment for doing this is too big all it leads to is that less players will be doing it.

Note: by casual ninja looters I mean players who are there in right time and right place when someone dies and drops cargo and they are close and so they look whats there and asses whether they take it and dock/warp away with it or not. With dedicated ninja looters I mean players who are specifically waiting for this situation to happen, mostly gankers alts and (AG) thieves.