Add a short Weapons Timer when gaining Suspect Timer

I propose to add a short Weapons Timer debuff whenever a player gains the Suspect Timer.
It doesn’t have to be long, something like 10-20 seconds.
The purpose of this would be to avoid tactics like immediate docking or jumping after getting a Suspect Timer.

Such tactic is often used by gankers that hang around near gates or stations when they have a kill right available on them. Whenever someone enables the kill right they get a Suspect Timer, but then they simply dock up or jump the gate to avoid being engaged. (Most of the times they will then board a cheap ship and get the ship destroyed to void the kill right).

I am not against ganking but I am against the fact that it’s too easy for gankers to avoid retribution by immediate docking or jumping whenever a kill right is actived.


We have like 3 or 4 of this same suggestion discussions open now…

I checked, but didn’t see any on first sight. Perhaps I’m looking in the wrong place. Could you point me to those discussions?

There is already a 60s weapons timer whenever you use an offensive module on another player.

Can we end this thread now since OP’s suggestion is already in game?

That is for the one shooting the suspect, but unless it shoots back it does not apply to the suspect, so if it survives the initial volley(s) (or docks up fast enough after killright activation before the attacker can shoot it) it can dock up, reship and undock in a more combat capable ship (or just stay docked or whatever).

Suspect is totally irrelevant to the weapons timer.

It’s not the system’s fault you can’t kill their bait ship in 60s, and they can redock.
It’s not the system’s fault you’re not already aligning out at 50s so you can warp the instant their point releases.

The system doesn’t need changed, you just need to learn how it works.

First of all I was just explaining how what you wrote is factually wrong. So direct your reply towards OP.

Second, you are still factually wrong, the bait ship can dock up or jump NOT within 60 seconds, but within a millisecond (or as quick as the player clicks). And yes the weapons timer is important for the scenario because it does not exist for the attacked suspect, only the attacker of the suspect.

And let me remind you am not arguing in favor (nor against), this is why I’m not participating in the discussion yet, just explaining how your post is factually wrong when it comes to the actual subject of the discussion.

What you say makes zero sense, as it’s not supposed to be possible with the weapons timer. You don’t get a weapons timer when someone attacks you, it happens when you attack someone else, and you cannot dock with a weapons timer. You even get this timer when you use a command boost in a Porpoise.

You seem confused. The bait ship does not attack it just docks up when it is attacked so it can reship and attack back afterwards, and it can do it right away as there is no weapons timer involved from its own side. This is the premise of OP.

The attacker gets a weapons timer, so if the situation happens at a stargate the target can escape while the attacker can’t follow due to the weapons timer.

Whether this is a problem or not, should be part of the gameplay or not is the subject of the thread and should discuss with the rest not me.

I’m just here because you seem to be providing misinformation in your reply, that contradicts how the game actually works.

Edit: I think you might be confusing the Limited Engagement Timer with the Weapons Timer.

The former allows the attacked ship to shoot back later after reshipping, while the latter is only created for the attacker and it prevents (only) the attacker from docking, using stargates and so on.


Oh, I see the confusion now. I thought y’all were asking for a timer when someone shot you, not when you were the aggressor.

The method to prevent this is easy, It’s called don’t be stupid and fall for the obvious bait ship. :roll_eyes:

I’ve got a couple questions for you. At what point has there been enough nerfs to ganking? CCP has repeatedly said it’s not going away, so why do y’all constant demand more nerfs to the playstyle instead of learning how to avoid it in the first place?

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Not here about the subject but this is kinda curious, what does baiting has to do with ganking? Unless you use it in the broader meaning as in one sided attack instead of suicide ganking. :thinking:

Broader meaning, because many of these timers were instituted specifically to deal with station games, as they’re called.

As to the original purpose of the thread, CCP has never prevented you from suffering the consequences of your own decisions.

If I was out in lowsec doing PvP 10 minutes ago, and now I’m in higsec sitting outside a station compressing ore in an Orca, why should you be able to attack my Orca without me being able to dock it and undock in something more combat capable?

Your ideas have far reaching repercussions than you think when you originally come to the forums to rage post about getting ganked.

Edit: Yes, I know it’s a poor example, but it is a valid one. :slight_smile:

It’s not about bait ships. And your Orca example also has nothing to do with this because the Weapons Timer is very supposed to be very short.

This is the scenario, using “ganker” and “hauler”.

  1. ganker ganks hauler at Jita 4-4
  2. hauler gains a killright on ganker
  3. hauler finds ganker at Jita 4-4 and because he has a killright he decides to get into a combat capable ship and use the killright to try to kill ganker
  4. hauler activates killright on ganker, ganker gets a Suspect Timer so hauler can attack him
  5. ganker docks up in JITA 4-4 within 0.5 second of getting Suspect Timer

There is no way hauler can ever take revenge on ganker.

The proposal would look like:

1-3) same as before
4) hauler activates killright on ganker, ganker gets a Suspect Timer so hauler can attack him. When ganker gets the Suspect Timer, he also gets the Weapons Timer for 20 seconds so he can’t dock up, but he can still try to warp off, or take the fight
5) hauler is able to get a meaningful fight with ganker

Edit: by the way, doesn’t have to be the Weapons Timer per se, but a timer that prevents you from docking or jumping for ~20 seconds. Since the Weapons Timer already prevents that it might be an option to use that timer.

Edit2: Like I stated before. I think ganking is fine. It creates conflict. Great! But I would like to be able to take revenge on gankers without them docking within 0.5 seconds of me activating the killright.

Or a hauler quit lookin like a piñata. Max tank and weapons if its the new ships, dont fit for max cargo

Don’t fit for max anything except tank or dps. You’ll be far more successful in EvE if you do that.

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Ah yes, the hypocrisy. You don’t like that they ganked you, so you demand to be able to gank them.

And just like the other four dozen times CCP has nerfed various forms of ganking, this will do absof^ckinglutely nothing after the gankers adjust their tank to last for however long your arbitrary timer is.

And just like the other four dozen times CCP has nerfed ganking, those of us who fly smart will continue to profit while you continue to come to the forums to whine about gankers.

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What? Another stealth nerf ganking thread?! (Be still, my rickety dentures…!)

I think if anything it is a stealth nerf Jita 4-4 undock thievery thread. :wink:

Good point, Uriel. I’m becoming increasingly confused by people writing about one thing when their intention is to reference something entirely different.

I suppose that, if they did some preliminary work, they’d save themselves the trouble of posting at all, or at least put forward genuinely reasonable suggestions which didn’t utterly skew the rest of the game.

Thank Goodness there are Veterans like you prepared to come to the rescue. I am also a ‘Veteran’, though not the sort to be totally relied upon in matters of detailed mechanical deliberation. Ah well :grinning:

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