Fix Yellow Flashy Suspect Timers

When you shoot at someone with a yellow flashy suspect timer, you should also have a yellow flashy suspect timer, this will encourage more exciting space PvP combat and generate interesting engagements in highsec akin to bar room brawls.

Fun for everyone! Let’s fix this ASAP.

Rule of thumb: if the person says the word “interesting” when proposing an idea, it’s usually a bad idea that hasn’t been thought through very well.


For a logic perspective it doesn’t make sense, let’s say I see a guy robbing a shop, I shoot him with my gun then I become a suspect of being robbing the shop to? It will ONLY serve to those who bait people doing missions or whatever.

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Allways out of topic and roleplaying … Why don’t you just awnser with a valid argument? Btw I’m not responsible for the flag

I gave a valid argument. This would encourage more violence in high sec. This is sufficient reason enough to immediately implement the change, and I am sure the developers are issuing a patch as we speak.

I can’t understand why you pretend this isn’t an excellent idea, for which CCP should provide me financial compensation for helping guide their game development.

Why the need of this? baiting a player into PvP is hard enough? need him to be yellow so your friends help you out?

I don’t understand what you are talking about. I have no interest in baiting someone into PvP. As you may know, I tend to shoot people regardless of whether or not they are flashing yellow.

I would like to ensure that more players are able to enjoy PvP, and I know that most carebears are afraid to shoot anyone who isn’t flashing yellow. By ensuring that anyone who engages in a duel or shoots a yellow ship is also liable to be shot at, this means that more people will see flashing yellow ships and have the opportunity to actually enjoy the game.

Then 2 guys are dueling , and then anybody can shoot them? No terrible idea

Right now, the content is very stale and repetitive. If someone is stealing your ore or loot, they turn yellow, and any miner can shoot them. However, with my change, the miner who shoots them will also turn yellow. This will give other miners a chance to shoot another miner. They will find this enjoyable, and more miners will want to play the game.

The same is true of duels. It is boring and static to watch two players engage in a tiresome duel, but it is more fun when everybody else can join in and play along.

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not quite , will only give roaming parties to gank miners without Concord interference.

Then find someone to duel with you and stop looking at others duels

You sound like you have an agenda to prevent PvP from affecting miners. Maybe you can get a job at CONCORD, oh wait, they are bots and don’t hire humans. Hahahaha.

Tipical speeching from someone who has ended without arguments. I don’t care about ganking on miners, it’s part of the game. but change game mechanics just to fit your needs is a terrible idea.

It’s more like a guy tries to kill you or someone else so you shoot back and now anyone can shoot you except the police.

Exactly. Doesn’t make any sense except if the aim is to make the life of gankers and baiters easier with no purpose behind it.

Did this idea come about from you being in a bait hauler but you couldn’t quite reship fast enough?

I just don’t think it’s fair that when someone goes flashy in the belt, the miners only have one target to shoot. If another miner starts shooting at the yellow flashy, the other miners should have the opportunity to pick sides and some of them will probably decide to deal with their competition. So this would add more PvP content and excitement to highsec.

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Not quite, as belts will just be swarm by bait players. also miners are there in barges to mine, when PvP, they use PvP alts

Nonsense, miners don’t have PvP alts.

Do you have the data to support that claim?