How do i go flashy yellow without looting anything?

The title mostly explains it, you go to loot someone, you actually loot nothing at all, but you still go flashy yellow for 15 minutes. How am I criminal if I didn’t get to take anything to make me criminal?

I intended on stealing to go criminal, but I somehow didn’t loot, but somehow still go criminal.
How is this possible? No I didn’t do anything but attempt to loot someone. I assume nothing moved since I didn’t get anything.

You’re not criminal - you’re suspect.

You flew by too fast and you pressed loot while being out of range. Nothing was picked up but CCP bugged out and it registered you as a suspect.

you answered your own question . you moved the item . that’ll do it .

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It is hard to believe I moved anything when I had hit the loot all button and there was loot well within the mass limit and some not, and nothing went to my cargo.

Could it have been a kill right activation?

Mybe there was an item in the loot container that didn’t fit into your cargohold so you got a suspect timer for inititiating looting without actually looting it because of its size?



Only logical thing to do now is to become a bloodthirsty criminal, OP.

most likely.

No its not a kill right since I never kill anything on this character.

You moved something (even attempting to loot something that is too large counts). I often use a single round of ammo in a can for many suspect flags in a row by picking it up and dropping it, thus not destroying the can or wasting more than one round of ammo.

The point I was making is attempting to move something too large to even move that makes people flashy yellow is just a broken mechanic.
Yes this will make you flashy, but should it?

Seems to me its broken and someone is too lazy to fix.

Nah you tried to steal and even though you couldn’t, got flagged. I’m cool with it. One could say it was lazy of you not to make sure you had the cargo space required.

Nah not really. If I shoot at you in the street and miss does that mean I shouldn’t be charged with anything? If I try to grab your wallet but can’t cus it’s on a chain am I just an innocent bystander once more?

You pressed a cockpit button essentially marked “THEFT” so you’re a criminal, even if you did mis-judge your capabilities as a one :wink:

or a troll

It was not a matter of it couldn’t fit in the cargo, it was a matter of I wasn’t close enough to loot it too begin with.

Or maybe it somehow doesn’t give me any loot because there is 1 item I cant carry even though I hit “loot all” but somehow I loot nothing and still go criminal even though all but maybe 1 item I could loot.

The magic of the loot all button.

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yea if you are moving so fast… it will do this. Ive done it, been blown up, not got the loot… was like wtf?

another time I didnt have the cargo room but got the flag and got pewed down. the guy was waiting right there… with an alt.

id say, slow down, take your time. it used to be where you can hit warp, then loot the can but they changed that mechanic

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