Loot tricks

While everybody was in nullsec this WE, I spent most of the time in highsec using my “Thorax” to fool around with gankers a bit. Thanks to the Kusions, CODE., and the anti-ganking community for the fun content and loot. :smiley:

When it comes to looting, I already knew some, learned a couple things, but are not sure about one particular stunt. I know the following options:

  1. Direct - Loot the yellow wreck while going suspect and GTFO without getting killed

  2. Indirect - Loot the yellow wreck going suspect, eject a can (which is blue), scoop by second char who can moonwalk out

  3. Man in the middle - position a DST, move loot from yellow wreck to DST fleet hangar with another char you don’t care about (who goes suspect)

Now the one I’m asking about, if the size of a package is greater than what fits into a jetcan (>27500 m3) and greater than what fits into a DST hangar (>60K), how do you do this without a freighter going suspect?

I know 95% its possible from witnessing a case, but missed to grab how in the overview clutter and heat of action.


You can’t that I know of.

You have to align the freighter to fly past the can at max speed…scoop the can and instantly hit warp

This is one option, seen it once in front of me. I was distracted by a bumping Machariel, so I didn’t spam the scram as usual. Maybe I would have succeeded, but I lost lock on the freighter the moment I saw him go suspect.

I’ve seen another one involving yellow freight containers in space owned by a non-suspect entity …

Wow. I’ve never seen those words written in that order before.



I think they use freight containers, which can hold up to 250K m3, for stuff that doesn’t fit in a fleet hangar. Don’t know the details of who owns and who transfers what when they do it that way.

The anti-ganking community has changed significantly in recent times. While occasionally you may still see some toxic behaviour from time to time, it’s much rarer now and such behaviour faces fierce opposition when it happens… :slightly_smiling_face:

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I was banned from AG channels, is there any way to appeal my ban?

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You asked me a similar question in another thread some time ago, and I already told you there I have no saying on those things. I don’t have mod rights, I’m just a channel member like any other in that regard.

You could just spam the channel over and over demanding justice for Aiko?


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Interesting… Are they still failing non-stop constantly, all day, every day, forever?

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Please … don‘t derail this to an ganker vs. anti-ganker dispute. I love you both :heart:

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The ganker is like the human, who sets out the mousetrap with a piece of cheese, to catch the miner. AG is like PETA screaming, “NOOOO!” Then the lootthief roach comes out and slobbers all over the cheese, grossing out everybody.


don’t forget to web your own freighter.

If you have time to web it, you are doing it wrong (and which also means someone has time to point you)

you web it before it loots the can ?

You align to a station in line with the can, you are at max warp speed before you loot the can, no web is needed

the web is not required, it just reduce the align time from 30s to 2s

With a Sunesis you can get it to 1.56

Edit: actually I think its possible to get it lower