Small change to loot mechanics

Today it is possible to move any amount of cargo with a ship A directly from B to C, regardless of the hangar capacity of A. B can be a wreck or container and C another container or a fleet hangar.

This obscure mechanic has little use, except it makes looting yellow wrecks in highsec 100% safe. A disposable Velator can for example move 60000m3 of “yellow” loot into the hangar of a waiting DST with one drag&drop operation. Same with even bigger loads using ejected freight containers.

This mechanic used in conjunction with loot theft has no suitable counter-play.

Proposal, forbid the direct transport from B to C by A but only allow B->A and A->C. Hence it’s a two step process and takes the cargo space of A into account as it should be.

The alternative to pass on suspect status for C instead of A is IMO too punishing for suicide ganks, also it doesn’t account for C being another container.


Maximum should be 27,500m3 anyway. That is what a cargo container can hold. Anything more by a ship without the capacity is illogical.

Interesting point, but if you allow movement from B directly to a personal container of A, this defeats the purpose of having a relationship of the cargo capacity of the looting ship to the looted cargo size.

However if only jetcans are allowed, and not for example anchored secure containers, this would be OK, as anybody can take from them. But I don’t think that differentiation (between jetcans and other container types and own and other players’ containers) is easy to code or understand.

The easiest rule would just be you can transfer cargo only to/from your own cargo holds.

First off, your lettering kinda irks my OCD =)
Ship A, Can B, Can C ? Isn’t the topic about the cargo?

So the cargo in question flows from origin Can A, to criminal Ship B, to receiving Can/Ship C. Which basically looks like a movement from A to C, while B gets flagged.

Yes, I agree that it’s pretty dirty to allow the thief to get flagged, but their getaway driver does not. I would say that fleet hangar interaction with a member who is flagged, should pass on that flag to the hauler. That would nip this issue, as well as folks who like to swap ships in the middle of a fight. Neutral Bowhead / Orca / Nestor flies up, and the target you’re firing on suddenly pops into a different ship. If the flying garage also got flagged for allowing the swap, they’d be less likely to do it.

No no, don’t mess up my naming … it’s ship A, wreck/can B and ship/can C. :wink: A is the only who has to be in a ship and goes suspect in this triangle.

Also as said the passing of the suspect flagging has some flaws due to C no necessarily be a ship and also to be frank … it would more or less eliminate highsec ganking for profit.

Well, a remedy to offloading to another container, would be to mark that container Yellow. Pass ownership to the same person that owned the Wreck you stole from. Since it is their goods inside after all.

This is not how the looting / cargo transfer works. The ownership of containers is not changed during any action.

Right… but it could be. =)

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