Separate loot hold for ships

Make loot hold for the ships. Basically the cargo hold would be divided into two parts. Upper part would have the items that you move in that area manually. Rest that you drop the hold or loot in space would go to the loot hold. That would share the same cargo capacity - more you have in upper hold, less room in loot hold. That way your ships’ spare parts would not get mixed with the stuff that you loot. I think this small feature would have a very nice comfort value on day to day game play to almost everyone in New Eden

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A “small standard container” is a great item for keeping your ship modules separate from looted items.

Small container will present problems in many occasion ex. when you need to contract the ship to some one etc. Besides that it is just useless micro management. However the suggested feature would not prevent you from using containers ex. for the added cargo space they provide. Besides ship cannot load ammo or other charges from the container. Separate cargo hold would just make life easier for everyone.

Unfortunately it will be completely abused for charges…

I could get behind this idea. especially if u could move an item from one category to the next.

On the practical side though it would require a new flag to be indexed for each item. one that would have to be handled through server programing. and considering the size of the item database in Eve is easily in the billions (trillions?), i dread the health of the server hamster who’s job this would be.