Every ship needs a Utility Bay

Currently the cargo bay holds everything (loot, charges, scripts etc.) I would love to have a utility bay, separate from the cargo bay, that holds charges, scripts, nanite paste, or anything else used by the ship or its modules. This would segregate the ship stuff from the gathered loot, which would still enter the cargo bay, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve docked at a station and moved charges or whatever along with loot to a station container and then undocked having to return to the station. Only items in the cargo bay can be jettisoned, and items can be moved between cargo and utility bays while undocked. An even simpler solution would be the addition of a lock button so that specific items in the cargo bay could be locked and made unmovable until manually unlocked. I just want the ability to transfer my entire cargo bay to a station container without moving stuff that should stay with the ship.


Yeah, you know what they should and these like, idk little boxes you could put into a cargo hold in order to segment it. This would let you have multiple categories rather than just two.

Or, or hear me out more because this ones going to be a bit crazy but I think it just might work.

Implementation of an extremity configurable filter system so that you can do pretty much everything cargo boxes could do but without needing to allocate specific cargo space to each one individually.

Maybe add both giving you even finer control.


These -as you know- already implemented systems are inelegant. The filter system is a pain to set up. I currently have 35 seperate filters. You end up needing one for the ammo etc. of every ship you fly.

You can’t load scripts, or a ammo type directly from a can, you have to move it out the can and into the cargo bay to be able to load it.

You are unable to place a (unpackaged) mtu or mobile depot into a can, it will cause a graviton harmonics chain reaction, whose end cannot be determined.

The ability to lock an item in place is great idea. Stop being a dick unnecessarily.

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It’s really not, it’s extremely simple and once it’s set up it’s done.

This would be a problem if it was true. But you only need one for ammo types you use not for each ship and they are easy to toggle between.

Yup these would be examples of when to use a filter rather than a can.

Yes, and one that can already be accomplished and doesn’t require adding an indefinite load to QA. Stop being lazy unnecessarily.

You are telling me the solution to the problem that you had not the problem that I have nor the problem that the original poster has.
I thought about explaining it to you again in more detail and giving specific examples where your solutions doesn’t work for me but I can see that would be a complete waste of my time since you seem unable to consider anybody else’s experience bar your own. Further, imaging your ridiculous rebuttal -like the one above- where you double down on your own experience with total incredulity was enough of a deterrent for me not to bother.

Stop suggesting your filter solution it doesn’t work. If it did we wouldn’t be asking for this quality of life change.

The filter is a pain to set up. It is a pain. There are fifteen broad categories in the first column alone. It doesn’t matter what your experience is Lugh when the request isn’t about you.

The best example I can give you is if I were hungry and I asked the server for a sandwich but you weren’t hungry so that request confused you and you felt the need to tell me not to ask and the server not to make it.

Theory of mind Lugh it’s a stage of cognitive development that starts as early as preschool, try looking it up.

More like you were hungry and asked a burger King to make you a big Mac.

Woosh, the point is Lugh, that it’s none of your business what others ask for or from who. If you don’t want it don’t ask for it.

I agree with this. It completely relies upon you knowing what category an item is in. What I should be able to do is right click an item and “create filter based on item” where the filter window pops up with the category, sub category, sub sub category and item name are already filled in.

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