Station Containers have to be more functionable

I know that this subject is not something new but remain as issue for a long time now.
As many other ppl already mentioned before the missing option to make contracts or to move items out of the containers is a major problem.

The max hold in a hangar is 1000 items, most traders and industrialists are using containers, containers without any functionality at all - absolute useless for all kind of the trading skills, not possible for any remote function or modification!

Well, i dont think that it is really a big deal to implement a useful „little thing“ for something really necessary and important like this one.

It is really a pain for me to make everytime 5-10 jumps only for moving items from container to hangar to be able to sell them or just for making a contract.

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I think the intention was that players would use the filter system in place of a typical “folder” (container) structure, like most of us are used to. Problem is nobody really wants to do that.

It’s a case of “over engineering” what is really supposed to be a very simple and easy-to-use feature into something extremely smart and powerful, but ultimately way too difficult to use, feature.

The problem here is that you’re looking at items, but you’re only seeing data. You’re not seeing the “in-character” rationale behind what’s going on. Inside each station you’ve got a giant warehouse floor. Anything simply lying out on the floor can be sold or contracted b/c you can tell the dock workers to go find that item lying there and carry it off to the Market or whatever.

But then you’ve got a bunch of crates all over the place. And somewhere in those crates, buried under a ton of other items, is the one you really want to sell. You can’t tell the dock workers to open your crate, rummage through everything stored inside, and try to find the one thing you were after. Not unless you give them permission to dump out the entire container and rummage through the contents on the warehouse floor (by assembling the container and spewing the contents).

That’s why you have to go there, if you want to avoid making a huge mess by remotely collapsing crates. You go there, you dig through the crate yourself, and you take out the item. Then you hand it off to a dock worker, and they carry it to Market.

Even though behind the scenes, containers are just folders and sub-directories in the database of things. It’s still a game, and we’re still characters. And you’re expected to act like you’re the character. Otherwise it really would just be Spreadsheets in Space.

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Yes, the hangar is limited to 1000 items and I can agree that containers have a limited use, but I think you’re forgetting what containers can be used for other than just holding your items. I for one use them for sorting my hangar; using containers for that gives you more “functionality” to your hangar and makes it easier to find what you’re looking for. If you do use containers (for what ever reason) you are expanding your hangar’s capacity to 1 mil items (1k containers that each can contain 1k items). The filter feature is more than enough to find stuff in your hangar and/or containers, sure, to do so you’d need to know part of the name of the item.

Let me ask you this; what can you use a cardboard box for, other than store items in it (for easy moving and storage)? Not much, right? Same principle applies to containers in EVE.

Another problem: EVE’s item handling is so terrible that you have to use containers to hide the items in order to keep the client usable. Opening one of my BPC containers with a couple hundred items inside already strains the client. I don’t want to imagine how terrible it would be if all those items from other containers with similar contents were in one hangar.

Not to mention that filters are severely lacking customizability. I have containers for BPC for the races and BPO containers for the races. I cannot do that with filters.

I can put compartments in the box to separate items into different categories. I can use these compartments to only show certain things, for instance Minmatar BPC. I can do that with a bit of cardboard and glue/tesa. :wink:

And containers can’t be used in this fashion? Must containers contain more than 1 specific item and nothing more, lol :wink:

Containers cannot be used in this fashion. I can put lots of different items into them but all I can do then is to search for names. I cannot filter for race, item class, item type, meta levels, faction/non-faction, etc.

It is easier to use different containers than to deal with that stuff.

That’s where you are wrong, while you can’t filter by “race” you can filter for much more than you think. Here is the full list of parameters you can use when making your “filter” options:

  • Assembled
  • Blueprint Copy
  • CPU Usage
  • Clone State
  • Estimated Unit Price
  • Group
  • Meta Level
  • Name
  • Power Usage
  • Slot Type
  • Stack Size
  • Volume

Faction items are of Meta Lv. 8 - 9, Deadspace are of Meta Lv. 11 - 14, Storyline is Meta Lv. 6

Those are the filters. They are way too complicated to use as you would have to setup filters for literally every single item group in the game or dozens of filters just for popular groups.

It should be possible to search for Minmatar in the search field and the container should only show Minmatar things in the container. As an example.

I would agree with all of you but the main problem still is that you have to be in the station to do all the things you‘re suggesting! not always possible or suitable for a trader/industrialist - why not an option to sell items from a container ? , i have anyway full access to the container from my „Personal Assets“.

as a total n00b that loves the game, i hate to have to ask… but where does one acquire these containers yall are discussing? is this a market item i have to shop for? can i make my own? my hangars need organizing!!! just have not come across any direct explanation in game yet, and it’s been a question on my mind for a couple days now, and suddenly this post…!

also, i agree with the idea that it should be possible and would be very convenient if we could “Sell Item” from the remote assets window.

Buy them from market or build them yourself :smile:

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