We need something better than station containers to organize our stuff

We need something better than station containers to organize our stuff

I want to be able to remotely move things around between containers, accept deliveries into them, make contracts out of them, sell things out of them, and repackage products in them. I should be able to categorize and organize material in them.

Metadata filters don’t work without the ability to tag items with custom metadata and unlimited quantity allowed in a hangar.

Ccpls put some qol work on how containers work or give us the something new that allows us to organize ships and other items.

Edit: Part of the problem here is that CCP thinks that when things are in hangars, the use case is that the player needs to find something they know is there.

That is a wrong assumption.

You need to see what is in there, because you don’t remember what you have, or even what it is called. You need to be able to see what different fitted types of the same ship are for without opening their .fittings.

Browsing, not searching, is the use case. This is not about “do I have a damage control II and where is it?” The use case is “I don’t even know what is in my hangar. I have ten Gilas? What do they do?”

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Sometimes I’m scared by developer improvements. Maybe we should not? So far you see items in one window, with a small number of dots of the same color… And you can even look for them or pick them up and shift them somewhere … Think about what these people can come up with after eating, drink and smoke Icelandic moss …


I am getting the feeling that even if design theory is happening in Iceland, implementation is beginning to occur somewhere other than Iceland, so you can add in a second layer of eating bat and drinking tea

These alone would make things much easier.

There used to be a time when EvE didn’t have a unified inventory, and the change upset a lot of people. Having never seen the old inventory, I don’t know how the two compare.

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