Feature for a simpler life

Hello CCP,

Here are 3 ideas to take or leave to make our life simpler :

  • Could it be possible to rename multiple ships at once?
  • Could it be possible to organize our ship hengar with folders ? As such, just like for items , we could name them and drag ships over to them?
  • Could we have the ability to have more than seven corporation hengars ?
    The amount of it could be depending on the size of the citadel.

On that note, thank you for reading.


The ship folder idea is great I reckon. Sorting through a large-ish ship inventory when you’re on a lightning fleet is stressful, to say the least. At least itnow easier to change clones quickly with less mouse-clicks.


Have you considered using a filter?

I had never thought about it ! I’ll try to see if it’s any good

As much as they seem ok, I would love to have them organized by groups for each of our doctrines, instead of ship class only

Oh I totally understand you there, some kind of ‘tag’ would be a nice little addition to alliance level fits.

Though it would also be nice if the ESI was updated so that fits can be programatically added/tagged too.

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Y’alls have forgotten about Station Containers. You can organize stuff with them.

Yeah for sure but they have 1m m3 max and that is not much when owning BS and bigger.

This is just wrong. Warehouse containers go up tto 100 million m³.


Repackaged volumr is 100 000m3. That is really hard to haul in a wormhole, almost impossible actually in lower class wormholes

That’s not how you do it, you build it at the location you want to use it.

Doesn’t take much to build: a blueprint and some mats.

Tritanium 144,444
Pyerite 77,778
Mexallon 1,667

Not sure but I assume you can manufacture in every citadel or does it require a specific service module?

It needs a specific citadel and we don’t build stuff, we PvP :slight_smile:

I guess you’ll have to find a different solution then.

Maybe CCP could make the repackaged size much smaller, not really a reason for it to be so huge.

Edit: Btw there are smaller variants, of course with lesser capacity as well.

They are not designed to be transportable.

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