Ship Containers For Ship Hanger (better hanger system needed)

(Ellie Hott) #1

When you have many many ships in a HQ station, it takes time to scroll through the list picking the ship for your purpose needs, mine is PVP. Organization and renaming them still takes too much time to find what i need. We need a better ship hanger management system or containers big enough to fit these ships in and so we can organize better for our needs. I understand if you have 10-50 ships but you’re in hundreds of ships it becomes a major issue. Containers would be a simple and fast solution. what do you guys think?

“ability to store fitted ships into stacks for easy management”

(Old Pervert) #2

Sounds like it’s time for a firesale.

If you’ve got hundreds of different ships, I’d say strip the fittings off of them all. Use multi-fit on each to give it a decent name and expected fit, and then don’t mess with it till you’re ready to actually fly it.

(Ellie Hott) #3

you don’t keep one variation of a ship you keep many variations for different situations, no your idea doesn’t work in pvp.

(StonerPhReaK) #4

Sounds to me like hundreds of containers each containing one or two ships per each pvp situational setup. Now you have 500 containers you have to click into. More clicks = bad. Just ask anyone who does PI.

(Old Pervert) #5

Quite right. Also known as different fits. Bonus points for people who plan ahead and use the same rigs where possible.

When I want a ship with a certain fit, I strip it. Then I apply the desired fit. If modules are missing, it of course shows me what is missing.

That way I don’t have 500 fitted ships, I have 10 fitted ships and stacks of unfitted ships ready to rock and roll.

(Ellie Hott) #6

I’m not interested in limiting my choices to 10 ships. Some of us have all races and all ship types, again i’m thinking outside the box for ability to store fitted ships into stacks for easy management .

(Old Pervert) #7

Use your imagination a bit… 10 is an abstract number, just as I’m sure 500 is an abstract number. My point is simple, you don’t need 3-5 different variants of the same ship fitted up and ready. One or two tops. If you’ve chosen to live like a packrat in a station, the problem is yours for hording a bunch of junk.

As a genuine attempt at offering you a solution to your problem, I’ll suggest you adopt a naming convention for your ships (obviously change the names when you use the ships). Then set up filters.

No matter what, you have to handle your inventory in some fashion, whether that’s shoving them in containers or otherwise… so it will be work either way.

As an example naming convention, ShipClass_EngagementProfile_Ship.

Consider two variants of a Garmur, one LML and one Rocket. I’m not looking at the ship stats so imput the correct engagement range.

Add in a Caracal
C_RLM_Caracal (RLML Caracal)
C_HML_Caracal (HML Caracal)

And an Osprey
C_LOG_Osprey (a typical osprey)

And a Griffin
F_ECM_Griffin (a typical griffin).

Now you set up filters per your interests, based on the names:
F_ (frigates)
C_ (cruisers)
ROC (ships fit with rockets)
RLM (ships fit with RLMLs)
LOG (logistics ships)
ECM (ECM ships)

Now you try. Which filters would you use to find “an” ECM cruiser?

For things like “I know I want to fly a caracal”, you’d be able to simply type Caracal in the search box, then see all of your caracals in addition to their engagement profiles.

I’m not saying this system will fit your playstyle perfectly, but it’s a start. Build on it.

EDIT – Sadly the forum killed my filter section a bit. _ something _ (sans spaces) apparently italicizes things. ECM filter: _ ECM _ (sans spaces again)

(ShahFluffers) #8

I use a similar naming convention to Old Pervert.

Except that I also include ship class as I have about 20 something ships in my hanger.

Realistically though… there are certain “formulas” for a "good ship fit."
Even for the plethora of unfitted ships that I have my hanger, I generally have about 2 extremely generic fits per ship that have a few slots missing (that I have to manually fit according to the engagement circumstances).

Not every ship needs to be a “special snowflake” fit. Those that need to be I name accordingly and keep them on standby.