[QOL] Ship hangar content rearrangement

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Hi, I’ve found that I’m having a lot of difficulties navigating my ship hangar with lots of ships. I’m forced to use some naming conventions to know what fit the ship have to be able to identify it from the first glance. It works but it is not comfortable and I have to rename ships to some cool names upon undock.

Yes I know we can use table sorting which is already there but it is not so comfortable to use which is why this suggestion is called QOL.

So here is what i propose:
Implement an ability to separate/sort/rearrange ships inside the hangar by custom categories or names specified by the user so we can store our ships in different containers/folders. For example, it would be nice to store cyno ships, travel ships, caps, pve ships and others inside their own space. Here are the options:

  1. Implement new ship hangar containers. Not as comfortable solution as #2 but is much simplier to implement in terms of both personal and corp hangars. New container items will be able to store only ships and be able to be assembled inside Ship hangar or corp hangar only. They will work exactly the same way as other containers do except the content restrictions.

Cons: ship volumes are huge so the containers should be also huge making them hard to transport unless they have infinite content volume once unpackaged

  1. Add some virtual folders(labels or whatever) to the ship hangar which users can create on their own. Right click on ship hangar, press Create folder, enter its name and viola! You have new Folder under the ship hangar you can put your ships into. It works the same way as any other tree list.

Furthermore. You can extend this feature to corp hangars implementing a standalone corp ship hangar which will act the same as the personal ship hangar and will provide the same rearrangement benefits. This is not as easy as the personal hangar improvement or ship containers but will look like consistent idea as a whole.

cons: lots of code changes for both personal and corp hangars

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