[Suggestion] Station Hangar Bays

A feature that I think would be great would be Hangar Bays. This would be divisions of your Hangar that would allow you to sort your ships. For example: “BlOps-Shield”, “BlOps-Armor”, “Doctrine-Maelstrom”, etc.

I tend to have quite a few ships in a hangar and when there are doctrines involved it can make sorting through ships to get what you need, a bit tedious at times. I would know that the Loki in the “BlOps-Shield” division is my BlOps-Shield Loki and not my solo PVP hunter Loki or my PVE Loki.


  • Can still name my ships how I’d like and not have to utilize a naming convention to know which ship is the correct ship. “Slappin Biscuits” can be my Solo PVP Hunter Loki and my PVE Loki and I’d know which was which by the hangar division it’s in.

  • Faster at joining doctrine fleets

  • Better chance at undocking in the correct ship

  • The ability to keep ships that aren’t completely fit out of the mix of ships in your hangar


Do my eyes deceive me?
Is this an actually good suggestion posted in this forum?
I suppose there’s a first time for everything…

I like it. +1 from me.


+1 for me as well!

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Hell even just the ability to make tabs would be great.


@lycka_cool Welcome to the community.
I have several Navy Catalysts, Hecatea, Atrons, Ventures… and I have to “View Contents” just to know I undock with the right ship.
I like your idea!
+1 from me.


Nice idea, i think that would be very helpful, but i have a few questions
1: would you have access to an infinite amount of separate hangars in the same station or would there be a limit?
2: if you can’t have an infinite amount of hangars, what would be the base amount that everyone has, and if you wanted/needed to open a new one, would there be a cost to it (maybe 1 million isk)
3: if you there was a cost to it, would the cost to open a new hangar increase slightly(2.5 to 5%) for every new one you open?


I could see it operating similar to Labels in Contacts.

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