Warbarge version.......?

OK, wall-o-text.

You don’t need a full development roadmap and to suggest it is being somewhat facetious. Just a bit more meat to the idea.

Some of your suggestions involve brand new mechanics and sweeping changes. Your T2 capitals concept for example. No actual details or suggestions on what role these ships would fill other than “they should be powerful” (my paraphrase). A whole new resource and only a vague suggestion that they’ll be passivly gathered, very slowly.

Your Retrofitting concept, is another example. Your claims of “it will be fun” and that it would foster “new and interesting ways of using ships”, yet when I asked you for an actual example of a ship fitted using your proposed system, none was forthcoming.

Throwing out ideas is all well and good, but the onus is on you to explain why a given change is good for the game, some general use cases for it and some details on how it would work.

Unless there’s a clear benefit in a way that can’t be abused by players, expect your ideas to be questioned and be ready with answers beyond “it will be fun! Are you against fun?”.

Here’s an example of an idea I like and think would be a good addition: [Suggestion] Station Hangar Bays

The author has given reasons why it would be useful to a wide range of players. It’s unable to be abused and it doesn’t require vast new mechanics. Simple and straightforward.

If you feel I’m questioning your intelligence, look back at some of the answers you’ve given to me, maybe you’ll understand why.