Warbarge version.......?

so as many of you know mechanical balance is not my strong suit and i typically try to veer away from it.

however i wanted to toss my thoughts into the ring to see what sticks especially regarding the warbarge which now with the announcement of vanguard will make a return and ultimately be a capsuleer piloted vessel with the intention of deploying and picking up warclones.

my thoughts for the warbarge are aimed specifically more towards its ability to deploy and retrieve ground troops.

I think the warbarge should be given a deployment module as well as an “abandon ship” module.

the deploy module works much like a siege module and used fuel, which i think should become more demanding over time, in my mind this works sort of a combination between a progressive over shield / ADC where you get better resists or just higher rep rates over time, like the trig weapons, but for self repair.
while this is active it cannot fire its weapons.

I also feel that even after it de-activates there should not be a direct drop off for the buffs or boosts, but should cycle down via a series of timers but while those timers are active it still can’t fire its weapons, assuming it has any to begin with.

this way if you get caught in a drathe idea here is that a warbage outside of being deployed is just as combustable as any other ship in the game but when it comes down to allowing vanguard operations, take a pinch of salt, can’t shot back but a battle if being waged in your name, this would mean being subject to bubbling and other things when not in deployment, this way if you get caught you just go danny divito / joe peschi and start blasting your way out.

the abandon ship module isn’t for the capsuleer to leave their ship, its more of a button which will trigger on the vanguard servers for the interiors that the pilot is telling the vanguard to bail.

vanguard can then get to their pods and jump ship, taking them to the nearest possible planet for pick up later or where they can wage their own battle and cause havoc on the planets below.

ummm, what?

leaving aside the fact that the whole Vanguard game is still in the pre-alpha stage of development, i’m struggling to understand what it is you’re proposing.

like, some kind of dropship for warclones?

i think maybe we should wait and see what’s actually in the game before suggesting new ships and modules.

personally, i’d like to know if Orbital Strikes will be part of it as they were in DUST.


I’m genuinely shocked at the fact you know what DUST is and yet fail to comprehend the warbarge…

but it seems like you grasp the concept.

you do you boo boo, but if you have nothing to contribute, please move along.

I only played DUST a couple of times on a mates console. No idea what a warbarge is or exactly what it did.
DUST was a pretty good fps imo.

Perhaps if you explained your ideas better, it’d be easier to give constructive input.

In any event, its very early days.

I’m very much looking forward to this and I’ll trust that ccp does it justice and genuinely improves the EVE experience as a result.

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considering that your ahem positive input has been to constantly hound me with insults to my intelligence on multiple of my posts, i think not, if you don’t know what a warbarge is then you can do your own research.

How about you think out your ideas a bit more so I can’t find holes big enough to ram an Erebus through within milliseconds of reading the post?


or you learn the difference between concept and fully fleshed dev level idea.

what i do here is in my spare time throw out ideas i think would be cool and try to give an example of how it would look and feel while playing for the benefit of understanding it from an immersion standpoint and how it would play out.

its not my job, nor my skill set to develop the concepts into workable fleshed out ones, even then such changes would require usually a road map to see successfully implemented which even if i did might not align with the companies current direction for game development.

you must have a fondness for all my concepts to hold me in such high esteem and no one else on the forums especially so frequently to which i am flattered, yet you hold me to such high standards and fail to grasp the basic principles which is frankly a remarkable feat of double standards, as you demand people to work to your expectations while failing to educate yourself, i think you’re on the wrong forums.

this is player features and ideas, not dev blogs and data blocks.

this forum should be intended for the creatives of this community who want to see everything from QOL improvements to the hopeless dreamers who have ideas which would require a 10 year road map to make their concept a reality, yet lack the skills to do so, those who view this incredibly crafted universe in new ways and if the community likes it, then MAYBE something could be done with it, but that’s surely left to more skilled minds.

that fact people like yourself come along and decide its “positive input” to gank a concept and attack a persons intelligence rather than using that knowledge to build on the concepts they enjoy only shows your failure to adhere to the guidelines on the forums. this is fundamentally the equivalent of looking at a picture of a piece of pie and being upset because its not 3.14

if you don’t like way i post, you’re free to go discuss mechanics with someone who actually cares about them.

edit: here is a reminder of the rules for this forum

as i politely mentioned above, i think you’re simply on the wrong forum.

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world” - Harriet Tubman

OK, wall-o-text.

You don’t need a full development roadmap and to suggest it is being somewhat facetious. Just a bit more meat to the idea.

Some of your suggestions involve brand new mechanics and sweeping changes. Your T2 capitals concept for example. No actual details or suggestions on what role these ships would fill other than “they should be powerful” (my paraphrase). A whole new resource and only a vague suggestion that they’ll be passivly gathered, very slowly.

Your Retrofitting concept, is another example. Your claims of “it will be fun” and that it would foster “new and interesting ways of using ships”, yet when I asked you for an actual example of a ship fitted using your proposed system, none was forthcoming.

Throwing out ideas is all well and good, but the onus is on you to explain why a given change is good for the game, some general use cases for it and some details on how it would work.

Unless there’s a clear benefit in a way that can’t be abused by players, expect your ideas to be questioned and be ready with answers beyond “it will be fun! Are you against fun?”.

Here’s an example of an idea I like and think would be a good addition: [Suggestion] Station Hangar Bays

The author has given reasons why it would be useful to a wide range of players. It’s unable to be abused and it doesn’t require vast new mechanics. Simple and straightforward.

If you feel I’m questioning your intelligence, look back at some of the answers you’ve given to me, maybe you’ll understand why.


its not my intelligence that should be questioned while you still continue to hold me to a double standard.

I’m sorry that you don’t know the difference between a concept and a fleshed out idea.

not everything posted will be fleshed out and to your taste

so T2 ships, should be less powerful?

it is possible, but there are dozens of play styles.

so you want me to create something unique to my own play style so you can flame it and further insult my intelligence, this is why i asked you to do something so you could contribute something constructive of your own as per the rules of the forums.

seeing as you’re familiar with my posts so well you’ll know from experience that when I give a working example, people pick it apart anyway, when it comes to concepts, less is more.

i’m still not sure what this alleged double standard is.

your ideas thus far have had no flesh and very little in the way of a skeleton. just a few vague hopes and dreams strung together in some stream of consciousness ramblings.

do you type these up and review them before posting? or just have at it in a New Topic box?

facetious, much?
asking for some detail of what you envisage these behemoths to be capable of is a reasonable request when you’re the one proposing them.
what role would they fulfill is a basic premise of any ship class and should be easy to enunciate.

so give us an example? just one.

again, it’s your proposal, asking you for an example is perfectly reasonable. in fact, i’d go so far as to say it should be expected that the person proposing some sweeping new game mechanics or ship class should be able to demonstrate the concept. at the very least, it would allow other readers the chance to see what it is you’re actually proposing as opposed to trying to read between a very few lines of description.

you asking me to come up with a concept under your, very vaguely described, proposed changes kind of reverses the onus of proof, no?

yes, it gets picked apart. that’s the nature of discussion in this forum. someone posts an idea, the better expressed the idea and the more thought out it is, the less we have to pick apart. we can then simply state if we like it or not.

feel free to continue to share your ideas. i will feel free to comment on them when posted in a forum such as this.

if this is a drop ship just wait for the vanguard to come out as we have no idea what there planing

why should i be expected to balance a fictional ship when i don’t fly capitals
but there is a demand for T2 capitals, my inital concept wasn’t towards the balance of the ships in the first place, it was more towards the efforts and materials in constructing them as its more my field, seeing as your so versed in the games mechanics, have you yourself offered up any constructive proposals to further build on it?

I hardly know what capitals do as it is and anything i would post would be entirely speculative which i’m pretty sure is something I’ve posted on that thread.

actually this is only half true considering that we have herons which can kill people but are intended to be exploships, we have battle rorqs and such, gee its almost like i had an idea of allowing people to retrofit their ships as a cost to explore new possibilities with existing assets, oh wait…

explo, pvp, ess raids, mining, piracy, industry, spy work, all of these are different play styles I’m genuinely surprised you needed this explaining.

coming onto someones post and demanding they improve what they are posting for your own personal preference is incredibly toxic especially, considering you are free to do your own research and fail to do
as mentioned before.

asking me to create something as an example is not something i’d like to do as it may only be specifically unique to my own style of enjoyment in the game, this does not reverse the onus of proof, if you understand the concept which you clearly do, posting several times demanding i create something is by no means constructive, it is in fact harassment, you were giving the opportunity to post something of your own design which if you were contributing constructively to the post you should be onus of your response, its not down to me to tell you what i like or to assume what others would like.

that constantly hound me by berate my writing style and constantly insult my intelligence on multiple posts, is in fact harassment

and your berating him for asking basic questions your point?

Before you get aggravated at me for bring that up I have had many ideas that were shot down by this community so I know whats its like but going and accusing them of begin toxic does not win you any points here

actually i’m not.

my issue has not been with people asking basic questions, its the constant harassment of my writing style and insults to my intelligence

if you don’t know what a war barge is, you can look it up

to prove i’m not berating him lets look at a quote he posted.

well, shock and horror my post isn’t about specific play style but more about the operation of the warbarge when/if it is created in game.

being able to press buttons to indicate to your players to abandon ship, or having your guns disabled while you’re in a deployment mode (because this is intended as per my post to give you massive resists) and discussing fuel consumption rate and speculating over using fuel for reps / over shield / ADC.

all of this is in fact in my initial post.

considering this game is about inclusiveness and communication, having a non verbal way of communicating between capsuleers and warclones would be pretty substancial… so the fact I think when the warbarge becomes available and assuming capsuleers can fly it, having buttons which can indicate changes to the internal map on the dust servers would be incredible.

  • abandon ship
  • deploy now. I’m sure there are more options which can be expanded upon when this becomes a reality.

this was actually achieved in my first post.
as it is a concept for now only how the warbarge would function for the capsuleer in EVE Online
but further more how said capsuleer could communicate with the warclones inside the ship.

seeing as even to Mephiztopheleze’s own quote of expectations i have still met this requirement, if he wanted to contribute constructively why did he not research what a warbarge is before posting?

is the question i would be asking him right now

as have I, many many of them.

despite grasping the concept and (now as pointed out) even fulfilling their own requirements of what they would expect.

it is toxic when the person flames your writing style and insults your intelligence on multiple threads.

the concept of retrofitting ships to allow existing ship models to do new things outside of their role isn’t necessarily anything practical outside of purely cosmetic, I’m sure theres people who’d love to slap mining lasers onto a nyx simply because they like the model of that ship, or to put guns on a mining barge so they could bait and switch things up, you might not get any bonuses for it to damage like you would a frigate or normal mining barge, but it would be an awesome sight to see and further improve the asthetic of the game at least on some personal level.

who knows maybe someone would even create something so outlandish that the ship model gets cloned in the games database, it gets a snazzy name and then appropriate bonuses applied to it, fundamentally re-using existing assets and allowing players to create and explore the game with their own flare.

the principle behind that idea was never meant to be mechanical in nature but to allow the player base to go “huh, this is neat” and squeeze more enjoyment out of the game, should it be their desire to do so.

what I’m stating is that you have been very aggressive when you did not state a lot about it in the main part of the post and then you started this by going after someone making sound points

aggressive, no, defensive, yes.

everything I wanted to state is within the initial post. which as pointed out in my post above actually does what they’re asking…so i don’t know why this is being pinned on me. when i have explained my point on repeatedly and over multiple posts and yet i keep getting targeted and harassed.

I guess you missed this.

A person who demands me to flesh out my ideas to more in depth standards especially after being informed its not my job nor my skill set to do so, should be equally someone capable of doing their own research on a subject they know nothing about before posting, that would be constructive.

from their initial response they have had nothing to contribute outside of hoping for orbital strikes.

i guess i should try and end the conversation there, which i did.

yet they continue to hound me as mentioned in my next response which is quoted.

I call here now once ALL parties to remain objective, polite and on topic. The idea can be discussed here gladly further.

Your teasing each other please refrain from now.

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Its a cool concept and all but I feel that it lacks really any purpose other then a drop ship which these seams really over powered as a drop ship.