I want new ships! I want new NPCs!

WE need more ships ! from the actual factions ! Many more sub caps ! more designs. mainly Tech1 !

I personnaly play EvE for the beauty of the models, the beauty of space…

More ORE ships as well !

Even if there is little changes to their stats, just different models…
i’d pay a lot for that to happen…

more NPC ships, trading, hauling, ratting, building…

I know EvE is player based, i live in null, but if i was in high sec i’d like to see a living universe of NPC as well as capsuleers…


Right, but “why” exactly, what roles are missing, what gaps in the lineup actually need filling, i mean you’re only a few years old so you probably missed the whole ship tiericide pass that happened, because we used to have a lot of ships that had no actual purpose at all and it was a mess, i mean i’m all for adding new ships, however those new ships need to fill a role that is actually needed or has an actual purpose, did you have any actual specifics other than “i want a new ship”?

Again, to do what exactly, they already have barges, haulers, ore compressors and 3 flavours of mining frigates, considering ore, by definition, only deals with mining i’m not sure exactly how many things they could add to their lineup

Yeah and the issue with that is, people recognise a ship by its icon or model, if you start having multiple models per ship you end up making the system more complicated just for the sake of it without there being a proper purpose like the T3 hulls

They already have NPC mining fleets and they used to have NPC trade ships but people just used to pop them for easy loots :stuck_out_tongue:
NPC’s would have no real reason to be ratting and how would you even see NPC’s building other than them erecting stations, which they can’t afford to do as they don’t have capsuleer backing, lets not forget that we are the powerhouses in this universe, we have access to more resources and technology than the average person in the universe so they aren’t as easily able to field ships for these tasks


There is lot’s of roll’s that have not been filled yet, there could be a ship that works opposite to link’s and does an aoe debuff to enemy ship’s.

There is no ship with aoe range or damage on smart bombs.

No ship bonus-ed for a main roll that project e-war resistance on ally ship’s.


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Doesn’t seem like something most people would need, and any “debuffs” can be applied directly to the target you need to be crippled

Because smartbombs aren’t a primary weapon system, they serve a purpose but its not exactly a commonly used weapon system that needs its own specific bonuses, by “role that needs filling” i did mean it should actually have a viable use and not just be a case of “no ship has x bonus”

I’m going to drop a massive “say whaaaaaaaaat” bombshell right here, ever single ship in EVE with an empty med slot and a spare 1 PG and 36 CPU can remotely boost another ships e-war resistance, i know mind = blown, its called a remote sensor booster with the ECCM script, there used to be specific remote ECCM mods but they rolled the functionality in to the remote sensor boosters, you’re welcome :wink:

-_- obviously but I mean bonus’ed on the ship hull.

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Like Rock and Roll?


Or dinner rolls. I have filled them with different types of jam and meats.


I know about roles ! but one that can fill a role that is already taken ! just for the models :stuck_out_tongue:
yeah i’m that kind of old kid

I don’t think demanding just “more” of something will get you very far.
Put more thought into it, flesh out your ideas of the ships you would like to have. Then we have something we can actually discuss about.

Personally I would love to have faction destroyers.
This will be difficult to balance for sure, but it’s also not impossible.

Like a Sisters of Eve Destroyer:



That was the same thing said about Rockets and yet now there are ship’s with bonus stats for Rockets. In fact the Anathema is a T2 Cov Ops ship with an offensive bonus only for Rockets.

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Difference is, rockets ARE a primary weapon system, smartbombs require nothing but a high slot, smartbombs were a cool idea on paper but they were never really worth expanding on, the only roles they really have are for clearing things like dictor bubbles and drones, and you really don’t want a ship with bonuses to either

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So your saying that in your opinion CCP would never give a ship bonus’s to smart bombs?

Also who says they need to be primary weapon’s to receive bonus’s, they can still be balanced just fine if the high slots on the bonus’ed ship is controlled so I don’t see that as a problem :].

They have ton’s of roll’s for those that like to think outside the box, instead of reading up on how to be a meta player :].


Shhh don’t give away my favorite plans for the leshak

Empires collect taxes from trillions of people and billions of smaller corporations - and from capsuleers using services in their stations, same for pirate factions. They can easily afford all that the capsuleers can and more. Just because we don’t see them, doesn’t mean they’re not there - empire fleets are implied to be huge.

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There is a difference between a cap use bonus and a damage/range bonus, i don’t honestly think people are going to bother fitting smartbombs on the trig ships lol

Sure, but they also have to pay for daily things, they aren’t just making ISK like we do, they have to pay wages, they have to fund stations, they have to replace lost ships and technological advances etc, yes they might take trillions in tax but they aren’t exactly swimming in pools made of liquid ISK

How much? Cause if you have like 10 billion dollars, you could purchase CCP and do whatever you want.

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I think they are too passionate to sell no matter the price

What are you talking about, its all dollars and sense overe there. I mean the CEOs name is hellmar.

the triglavian ship have smartbomb bonus because they are themed around the wormhole that they come from ccp dont have to fear players using it in there because there will only be you in there so smartbombs can be used with out fear of concord retaliation on you because a guy moved his stealth bomber op next to you when you where doing pve stuff