I want new ships! I want new NPCs!

Did you watch fanfest? the guy loves what he is apart of was nice to watch.

That wasnt the real hellmar, he hired some actor off the street. Notice how he looked completely different from last year? And i think he year before, it was a girl.

I want a pony!




I want Babilon 5
Death star
Star destroyer
Millennium falcon
UNSC infinity
And best of all
Apolo 13

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Finish the balance pass on all existing ships, add some new modules (scripted MJD, Bastion alternative), buff all missiles above light and then I’d be all over this idea.

When we’re at it I want a drone that only I can manufacture, costs 1 single piece of tritanium to make, named “Banhammer”, is a medium drone that requires all four drone specialization skills trained to at least level I to can use but is available to both clone states, that has a single shot mini-doomsday weapon similar to what the Apollo Tyrannos uses… after which single shot it dies like a bee that used its sting and emits a grid wide clearly audible sound effect similar the following:


For some reason people here hate the ideas of new ships. Who cares if they are redundant? It’s fun to have options and variety.

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Actually this is a perfectly good idea.
Theres no reason why there cant be 3-4 models for the same ship with the same stats. It would make the battlefield more interesting. Its mainly an immersion thing. I would certainly make the universe feel more dynamic.

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The one ship I would like to see added: A Gas Mining Barge.

Give me enough slots and power to handle up to five gas harvesters, a gas harvesting bonus trait and a Skiff’s level tank…
Charge whatever you want for it… Right now I am fitting out a Tempest to do the job but would love an actual larger, better armored ,(with an actual gas tank similar to the Ore Hold) version of the Gas Mining Frigate in a ‘plus’ size :slight_smile:

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We don’t hate the idea of new ships, we hate the idea of entirely useless ships, you might not remember ye olde clusterfuck of ships we used to have, we had mining frigates, mining cruisers to name a few, most ships didn’t have a specific role and were rarely used because they didn’t have a proper purpose, if you can come up with an idea for a ship class that has a proper purpose then we are more than happy to look at it, but as it stands there aren’t very many proper roles left that haven’t been filled or have been previously attempted and found worthless

Lets not forget, people still have to build these redundant ships that serve no purpose, why would someone feel the need to spend time manufacturing these things, there has to be a decent market for ships

Well I for one like ship’s that are fun like the command destroyer because they touch on thing’s that is completely different like being able to manipulate ship position’s in an instant.

Something that could be fun is more ship’s that play with the landscape of the fight, one’s that drop Aoe effect’s onto the battle field (something like what we are now seeing in the triglavion space where you get random debuff’s or buff’s depending your proximity to these area’s )( Have a feeling CCP is already heading in this direction, which is great and fun :stuck_out_tongue: ) These will make player’s require more tactic’s and quicker thinking during a fight to change plan’s in a split second.

Something else that could be fun is gravity well’s on a play field if your heading around it in an orbit or heading towards it you gain more speed than normal and if your heading away from it you loose speed, although physics might be really bad for lag there might be a way to cheat it using distance/direction + speed modification falloff.

Other interesting ship’s might include ship’s that project’s its own tank 10km’s around itself in a bubble redirecting all incoming fire to the “tank/force field” ship instead of all allies inside the forcefield (Think starwar’s gungun shields :smiley: toooo awesome!) but as a trade off cannot receive remote rep’s or it become’s a short burst duration shield that can only absorb maybe 20k damage with a 10minute cooldown and a 15 sec activation timer might even be nice to link this effect into assault damage control so Hac’s become the shield wall’s of a fleet being able to put up a defensive barrier around themselves and allies for short burst’s…

Would probably break a lot in terms of the simulation, IF they did anything like that it would just be an on/off but even then i don’t see it massively changing how fleet PvP functions

Point defence type ships were thrown about for about the last decade or so, extremely unlikely due to how the combat system works, there is no way to “redirect” damage and considering the server ticks it would likely cause far more issues than it would solve, and even then it would just end up exploding and i doubt people really want to volunteer to fly the ship that has a near 100% death rate :stuck_out_tongue:
And 20k damage wouldn’t take a second to burn through anyway and then you have issues where the simulation has to track any number of these ships on the field then somehow handle priorities etc, its only likely to add to the lag

Its not a new concept we already have 2 AoE weapon systems in the form of interdiction fields and the different types of bombs that can be used including a cap drain bomb and an ECM bomb, thing is, these new types of fields would still need to have the same mechanical counters of removing the thing/ship creating the fields so i’m not really sure there is that much of a demand for them outside of the ones we already have

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Is it too much to ask for some decent SKINs?

Or even, i’d like that the fitting i use actually change the model of the ship i’m flying…
Sensor boost? add an antenna
Shield extender? add a shield power system

Only weapon slots actually displays… and its sad

I want Han Solo

Unfortunately he’s dead, since a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

That’s sad
But hey we still have the star destroyer ( the mighty cane)

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